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Top 20 vacation spots on They are similarly optimistic about markets’ ability to function in spite of imperfect information. Even when they concede that the free market falls short, libertarians point out that government exacerbates its failings rather than solving them. For example, libertarians see great irony in the antitrust laws’ effort to increase competition, when other branches of the government are busily restricting competition with tariffs, licensing, and price supports. Other prominent arguments point to the moral superiority of laissez-faire capitalism. Libertarians heavily emphasize the voluntary nature of the market, appealing to two related moral intuitions: First, that an individual has the right to do what he wants with his own person and his own property so long as he does not violate others’ rights to do the same; second, violation should be interpreted narrowly as use or threat of physical force. Libertarian ethicists also frequently appeal to merit. Those who are financially successful under laissez- faire earned what they have and deserve to keep it. Top 20 vacation spots 2016.

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