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Top 20 travel destinations on This can result in new invention and innovation, as part of the response to these signals. Similarly, economic agents may respond favorably to the lower cost and/or higher quality of products generated by new, experimental technologies, resulting in the more widespread adoption of such technologies. Thus, the market can motivate economic agents to take actions that have benefits for the larger society, stimulating higher productivity, better quality products, more rapid economic growth, and the sort of transformation in underlying technology that is described in the economics literature as economic development. But the signals that markets send are not always positive or even benign. Because the market is nothing more than the collection of transactions of real human beings, then markets can only signal certain of the innermost desires of those human beings who engage in trading, with some human beings having access to more resources with which to signal their desires than others. This, in and of itself, indicates that markets are not innately fair. But it also indicates that market transactions reproduce the prejudices of those economic agents who are in a position to act as traders. Top 20 travel destinations 2016.

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