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Top 10 vacation spots for The third sign was the comet in BC, which told them that the King had now been born. In Humphreys’s view, it was this final celestial wonder, the comet, that was the Star seen twice by the Magi. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems with this hypothesis. First, while Matthew reports that it was what the Star did in connection with its heliacal rising that prompted the Magi to travel to Judea, we have no reason to believe that the comet observed by the Chinese in Capricornus ever heliacally rose. Humphreys argues that what the BC comet did to impress the Magi, it did at the beginning of its apparition, coinciding with the period shortly after perihelion, when the comet would have been at its most impressive. However, although it is true that this comet was at this time in the eastern technically, southeastern sky in the hours before dawn, it was way too far from the Sun to have been regarded as heliacally rising. The comet became visible in Capricornus in March/April, but the stars of Capricornus had heliacally risen more than a month beforehand. Top 10 vacation spots 2016.

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