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Top 10 us destinations on Mobutu earned President Ronald REAGAN’s praise for what the American president described as a courageous action. The example of Mobutu’s regime is representative of the active interests that Western countries have to keep Third World kleptocratic governments alive. In face of this fact, the various meetings on poverty and industrial development held in New York (2000), Genoa (2001), and in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (2002) have come under strong criticism as ineffectual and expensive summits to ease the West’s post-imperial conscience and win domestic contracts. The financial aid that Western countries give to Third World regimes does kleptocracy 461 nothing to stop their corruption as it often does not go any further than the officials’ bank accounts. Western countries still display an imperial mentality and treat Third World countries as still infant political economies to which they are willing to give aid, but not trade. The resources of so-called developing countries, from diamonds to oil, are often prey to the rapacious behavior of Europe and the United States. As Simon Jenkins has put it, [. Top 10 us destinations 2016.

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