Top 10 Underrated US Destinations 2021

We’re counting down our picks for the top ten underrated US destinations 2021. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at locations across America that don’t get quite as much tourism as they should.

Number 10 Kasha, Katuwe tent Rocks National Monument New Mexico

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021

New Mexico itself is an underrated vacation destination. Whether you’re staying for an extended period of time. Or passing through on a road trip, Kasha Katuwe. He needs to be on your radar, translating to whitecliffs. Kasha. Cotui is distinguished by its unique geology, which is derived from volcanic eruptions through erosion and weathering. The surrounding area eventually developed light colored, cone shaped. Formations that stand out in more ways than one. The monument provides an alluring backdrop for hiking, bird watching and creating instagrammable memories. Although Kasha Cotui doesn’t get as much attention as some other rock formations, at least this means the site is rarely crowded.

9 Knott’s Berry Farm, California

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 1

California, is amusement park central. But in recent years, Knott’s Berry Farm has lived in the shadow of Disneyland and Universal Studios. Knott’s Berry Farm actually predates its main competitors branding itself as America’s first theme park. While it doesn’t have as many iconic attractions, the park does offer a wide variety of roller coasters, family-friendly dark rides and water rides. The highlight is arguably timber mountain log ride, which has been a staple since 1969, while Knott’s Berry Farm provides year round fun. We’d recommend visiting in October when the park is transformed. Into Knott’s Scary Farm with the twenty 20s marking its 100th Anniversary amusement park junkies should definitely book a trip, especially if you’re also a snoopy fan who isn’t.

Number 8 Alaska National Parks, Alaska

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 2
When people think of national parks, green grass, tall trees and babbling brooks come to mind when they think of Alaska, it’s hard for some to picture anything other than blizzards. As such, tourists don’t always stay. Alaska and national parks. Together they’re missing out, however, on some of America’s most naturally beautiful destinations, Denali National Park offers an ideal balance with snowy mountains up high and the taiga forest below. If you’re visiting for the wildlife, you can count on spotting a brown bear, trying to catch sockeye salmon at Katmai National Park, since Alaska is famous for its icy landmarks, be sure to check out the glaciers at Kenai Fjords. It’s not all ice, either. As sand dunes await at Kobuk Valley.

7, the Oregon coast, Oregon

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 3
If life is a highway, then you can live it to the fullest on the Oregon coast when it comes to travel, driving is the activity that most of us look forward to the least. This isn’t at all the case when you’re driving across EU S route 101 in Oregon. Visitors are treated to 363 miles of coastline views. It takes about 8 hours to drive though, but the variety. Pit stops will motivate travelers to take their time on your road trip. Pull over to explore Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, Newport, and other scenic vistas. After all, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey right on the Oregon coast. Though the journey and the destination are one and the same.

6 Governors Island New York

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 4
NY has so many iconic destinations that a few are bound to go overlooked. Governors Island might not get as much. Attention as Staten Island or Long Island, but that’s part of its appeal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Big city, this New York Harbor Island provides a refreshing escape. Of course, you can still get incredible views of several neighboring New York landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Skyline. However, you can also take in the local sites such as Fort J and Castle Williams, the Islands 52 landmark buildings are shrouded in American history and the public. Park offers a quaint charm you won’t find in Central Park. Hop aboard a ferry already.

5 Yosemite National Park, California

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 5
Yosemite is the most visited National Park in California, but it’s far from the Golden State’s only spot for nature lovers. If Yosemite is like a blockbuster, then Joshua Tree National Park would be an experimental art house. Picture. It’s a strange wildness that doesn’t fit the conventional definition of a park, anyone? Looking for a different kind of outdoors experience though will find it in the Joshua trees that give the park its name. There’s something haunting yet beautiful about the park’s desert landscape, which is populated by eye-catching rock formations and of course, the unusual plant life for campers, backpackers and anyone who owns an RV or van. You couldn’t ask for a more otherworldly spot to escape to.

Number 4 petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 6
We’re not sure why. Forrest doesn’t get more love. Maybe it’s because no Arizona landmark can really compete with the gravitas of the Grand Canyon. Maybe it’s because petrified isn’t the most attractive word. This National Park proves, however, that beauty can flourish in the most unlikely places. While the park is painted with multi-colored mountains, it’s the petrified wood that distinguishes the area above all else. The region is rich with these unbelievable fossils, which encompass all the colors for a radiant. Sunset doesn’t take any home with you though, because you’d be robbing the park of its defining feature. Just appreciate the park’s geology as you hike cycle or horseback ride through this bleak yet splendorous wilderness.

3 Bear Butte, South Dakota

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 7
Arizona is synonymous with the Grand Canyon, South Dakota will always be best known for Mount Rushmore. Heck, it’s called the Mount Rushmore state. South Dakota has another geological landmark, though. That’s every bit. As majestic if not more so. In any case, Bear Butte is easily South Dakota’s most striking natural wonder; explorers are immediately drawn to Bear Mountain, which formed over millions of years in the Black Hills. Buffalo can be found wandering below, while religious offerings are left at the summit, a special place for various indigenous people. Visitors are asked not to interfere with religious offerings. Bear Butte has a way of bringing out any traveller spiritual side. Giving a chance to commune with nature.

Number 2 White Sands National Park, New Mexico

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 8
For underrated desert locals. You can’t go wrong with great sand Dunes National Park in Colorado or Death Valley on the California Nevada border. However, there isn’t another US park quite like White sands. Before it was populated by white sand dunes, the land was once dominated by grass bodies of water and creatures from the Ice Age, the area changed with the climate. Amounting to a vast wilderness of white sand made from gypsum crystals, the park is at its most captivating. When the sun begins to set, dipping the sand in pink and blue hues. Aesthetically, White Sands is reminiscent of the desert, the beach, and a winter Wonderland, a destination this distinctive deserves more of a following.

Number 1 Wyoming Devils Tower

top 10 underrated us destinations 2021 9
Imposing and unique landmark that we can’t imagine why it hasn’t. Quite achieved iconic status, especially given the monument’s presence in close encounters of the third kind. Granted, roughly 400,000 people drop by yearly, but that’s only a fraction of the annual visitors that the Grand Canyon or Rocky Mountain attract. Then again, we suppose Devils Tower is an intimidating site and not merely due to its name. Only 1% of its annual visitors are willing to accept the climbing challenge with an elevation of 5112 feet. Not everyone has what it takes to conquer this mighty Butte. However, that doesn’t mean visitors can’t still enjoy the hiking trails and the magnificent backdrop for photos.

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