Top 10 Underrated Cities 2021

Welcome to our travel blog and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten underrated cities to visit in 2021. For this list, we’re taking a look at cities around the world that are full of breathtaking sights, but are often overlooked compared to other places.

10 Busan South Korea

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South Korea’s second most populous city, Busan, doesn’t get as much attention as the country’s largest metropolis soul. While not as well known, this metropolitan city beams with vitality prepared to be entranced by the coastal come Chan culture village, which immediately sucks tourists in with its vibrant color scheme experienced the culinary wonders of chogle chief fish market for South Korea’s finest seafood. The city has no shortage of attractive parks and beaches. With the highlights arguably being young Duson Park, which hosts 70 tree species and hey, owned a beach which is only a short distance from the island of Tumbex on where the fish are always biting. The Gungan Bridge illuminates the night and Speaking of nightlife.

9 Auckland, New Zealand

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We all know that New Zealand is where Peter Jackson shot the Lord of the Rings. But if you’ve already walked the trail from Hobbiton to Mordor, we’d recommend checking out this North Island city, New Zealand. Busiest urban area, Auckland is home to some exquisite architecture such as the ferry building and the Sky Tower. There are just as many natural wonders to behold, most notably its volcanoes. The city’s volcanic peak can be found at Mountain Kiki AKA One Tree Hill in Cornwall Park Auckland isn’t just a nice place to visit as the 2019 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked it as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Just keep in mind that it’s also one of the most expensive number 8. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Mexico is renowned for its beaches, and while this resort city isn’t exactly obscure, it deserves far more attention nonetheless. For sun, sand and a view that can’t be topped, look no further than Los Mirtos beach even more enticing than the shoreline is the boardwalk and twisted pier. That’s not the beach is only architectural marvel as you’ll want a photo with the famous El Caballero sculpture which depicts a boy riding a seahorse. Beyond the beaches, you’ll find other inspiring. Sites like the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta is known for being an LGBTQ plus friendly city drawing comparison to San Francisco, the LGBTQ plus community has thus played a major role in driving up the city’s tourism.

7, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Bernotas lava is the capital of Slovakia, which in itself is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Despite being the largest city in Slovakia. It’s also among Europe’s smallest capitals that may explain why it’s not. On as many tourist radars. But there’s plenty of stunning sights waiting for you to discover. No trip would be complete without snapping a few pics of the Bratislava castle which sits atop the Little Carpathians mountain range before the Danube River. That’s not the only castle Bratislava has to offer as the newly renovated Devean Castle will take you back in time to another century. Every day is an adventure in Old Town where you’ll come across attractions like the man at work, statue and Michael’s Gate.

6 Malaga, Spain

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When people think of Spain, Madrid and Barcelona are destinations that quickly come to mind. If you’re looking to branch out, though, we’d suggest exploring this wonderful place. Malaga is draped in rich history, being among the world’s oldest cities. That’s remained continuously inhabited throughout the centuries. Many prominent figures were born in Malaga, including legendary artist Pablo Picasso. You can not only visit his birthplace, but also musale, Picasso, Malaga, where some of his most. Revered works are showcased. Of course, this city as a whole is a work of art, from the Malaga cathedral to the Malagueta Bullring. Another obvious reason to visit Malaga is for its beaches. Seeing how it’s right there on the Costa del Sol.

5 Galway, Ireland


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A boat in the bay at Claddagh, Galway, Ireland on a summers day with the colorful houses in the background

Dublin may be the country’s capital. But Galway brings out Irish culture like few other cities. Whether you want to partake in a pint at a local pub, listen to live folk songs or study the medieval stone collection at the Galway City Museum. This harbor city captures everything wonderful about Ireland. It’s also one of the country’s hottest spots for celebrations. Galway frequently hosts festivals for music, art holidays and much more. For something a little more tranquil, enjoy a relaxing stroll down the long walk. A scenic street by the river carob for history buffs, Galway is rife with medieval sites ranging from churches to castles for review unlike any other. Though the cliffs at Aran Islands are well worth seeking out.

4 Then pasar Bali

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Bali in general is worthy of more recognition, so it only makes sense to shine a spotlight on the island primary gateway, Denpasar. Bali’s Capital is a surfers paradise with Song Island being the prime spot to catch some waves for something more laid back. Check out sun or Beach then pasar is also a great place to get up close and personal with turtles and sharks. The city features various historic palaces and temples, not to mention museums. The most prestigious landmark is the Bajda Sunday monument, comprised of three sections, this monument is a tribute to the people of Bali and the struggles that they’ve endured. If you want to expand your exploration to other parts of the Lesser Sunda Islands, then passowrd is the ideal hub.

3 Bodrum Turkey

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There are so many amazing places to visit in Turkey, particularly this underappreciated gem, a port city in Moolah province bathroom overflows with historical sites. Simply demand to be beheld. There’s the ruins of the mausoleum at Halicarnassus, which was an ancient Greek city that predated Bodrum. Although the mausoleum isn’t what it once was, bathroom castle remains every bit as inspiring as it was when the Knights Hospitaller built at six centuries ago. Inside, you’ll find the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, where rare treasures from shipwrecks have been reclaimed. Speaking of which, rent a boat and hit the harbor.

2 Rotterdam Netherlands

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We’ll admit the Rotterdam isn’t the most attractive sounding name which might explain why not as many tourists are flocking to it. If you look past the name, however, you’ll discover some of the best modern architecture in the world. Visiting the cube houses. It feels as if you’ve wandered into a contemporary work of art. The market Hall which was completed in only 2014, is another showcase for some extraordinary artwork and architecture simply driving across the Erasmus Bridge is an unforgettable experience. Being Europe’s largest seaport. You can’t go wrong with a boat tour either along with Utrecht, which is the perfect place for a yacht ride, Rotterdam shows that there is far more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam.

1 Budapest Hungary

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Chances are you’ve heard about Budapest from that Wes Anderson movie as beautiful as this capital city looks in the movies. You haven’t truly experienced Budapest until you’ve been there, while the country’s current government is transgressing Europe’s democratic norms, the Hungarian Parliament building remains. A masterful work of architecture. The same can be said about several other landmarks, such as the Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion for the Ultimate spa day. The zany thermal baths takes rest and relaxation to another plane of tranquility. Don’t forget to stop and pay respects at the shoes of the Danube Bank, which honors 3500 souls lost during World War Two. Whatever your reason for visiting your trip to Budapest is sure to be enlightening. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this. Other recent clip from our travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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