Top 10 Travel Essentials For Men

So guys I’m going to do a little something different today, I’m in New York City for the week working at the space, and they’ve inspired me to shoot some different kinds of posts, I’m going to shoot a helpful post for you guys hopefully this helps. So over the past seven years of traveling I figured out about 10 essential things that every guy should have in their backpack. So, I’ll go through those right now. But first of all it’s around the holidays. So maybe we could get some holiday spirit maybe some gifts guys perfect all right. So these are the 10 things that every guy should have in their backpack first the backpack I use a case logic bag for my computer, and technology gear also I have a think tank bag for my drone, and I’ve been using the same Dakine suitcase for the past 7 years it’s unbelievable all right under the 10 things first, and foremost every guy should have a black t-shirt or black long-sleeve t-shirt in their bag, I’m tired of seeing backpackers travelers wearing those zip up pants shorts combinations when they’re at the nightclubs or when they’re out at a good dinner or the shirts that have 500 pockets on them.

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So you can store stuff keep a black t-shirt in your bag it’s good for the city it’s good for a hike it’s good for everything it looks good, and it’s slimming number two a small notebook or notepad write down your daily adventures keep notes of different words that you’re learning in different languages really really helpful I use this almost every single day number three an external battery charger this guy is from anchor really really good you just plug a cord from your phone into this, and it’s hours, and hours worth of a charge really good technology that you should use when you’re outside the city or in a place that you can’t find a good plug next up water bottle this will save you a ton of money traveling there’s plastic water bottles all over the world, and in airports especially you drain this keep it in your bag, and when you’re traveling pick this up, and use it, and if there’s a country or place that you can’t use tap water get some filters or also some tablets that you can purify your water really good to have next up is a dry fit or a microfiber towel this is good for hostels this is good when you’re camping this one is sea2summit a dry light micro towel really good to have next up is for those that want to stay in shape, and look good when you’re traveling I often get asked how do you stay in shape or how do you maintain a physique when you’re traveling jump rope you can often find outdoor free exercise places all over the world there’s certain stations set up, and you can definitely find it.

But jump rope is number one next up one of my personal favorite items every man should have this this my friends is baby powder if you don’t know what to do with this I feel bad for you. Because every man on long travel days should have baby powder with them this my friends will feel like a thousand different angels just whispering in your undercarriage if you use this promise next stop speaking of undercarriage every man should have smart underwear, I’m not talking about cotton, I’m talking about a microfiber or something where you can last a few hours out running around, and still look good to dance at night, and maybe if the smell gets close you’ll be prepared next up on this list is something that I bring everywhere with me this is a small point-and-shoot camera it is great for certain locations in Latin America where you want to be subtle, and also between this these Sony rx100 mark 4 also the canon s120 which i shot the entire brazil series with these are really good cameras they’re making them stronger, and more powerful, and better quality now. So pick one of these up it’s essential I believe the last thing on my list is a head torch whether you’re in a hostel you got to wake up early, and pack up your things or you’re on a mountaintop climbing to that verse base camp always bring a headlamp with you it’s a really good idea that’s it these my friends are my 10 things that you should always have with you, and your backpack as a man as a traveler, and as a human being that’s all hope you enjoyed it I got to go, I’m getting the cue right now that this space is for music not for travel. So that’s it until next time thank you so much for reading if you liked the post, and you want to see more of these travel tips style posts please leave a comment below, and also if you have a few other things that it didn’t cover that is essential to your backpack let me know as well thanks see ya.

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