Top 10 Reasons to Visit Uruguay in 2021

10 Escape the crowds when brainstorming potential destinations for your next adventure.

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Uruguay isn’t exactly the first country that comes to mind, even within South America, it tends to get overshadowed by more high profile tourist destinations like Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. We’d like to argue, however, that Uruguay’s under the radar status is a big part of the country’s appeal. Even when visiting the major cities or landmarks, Uruguay feels 100% authentic and UN compromised by tourism. The industry represents 9% of the country’s GDP, but that only translates to 2.8 million visitors, most of them from neighboring countries. If you book a trip to Argentina or Brazil during the peak months, you’re not getting much in the way of personal space. The beaches are packed with people and accommodations are competitive in Uruguay. You’ve always got room to breathe. As you uncover this gem of a destination.

9 The welcoming locals

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This goes hand in hand with our previous point, but it warns its own. Because Uruguay is actively trying to promote its low key tourism industry. Locals are genuinely happy to see foreigners the further away you come from, the more enthusiasm you’re likely to generate. Uruguayan relished the opportunity to share their culture and traditions. Many a traveler has returned home from an unforgettable trip to Uruguay. Armed with countless stories about the new friends they made during their stay, rarely will you encounter such warm, kind and welcoming people spend more than a few minutes in one spot, and locals are sure to strike. Papa conversation there are only too happy to give you recommendations or tell you about the area. Uruguay is also very progressive and ranks fifth in the world for LGBTQIA plus destinations.

8 Watching football amidst

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The crowd Uruguayan’s tend to be a fairly relaxed, easygoing people. If you want to see them at their most lively however, get a ticket and experience game day from the perspective of the crowd known as soccer in North America, football is by far the most popular sport. All throughout both Central and South America, Uruguay is no exception. You can’t leave your hotel or hostel and walk more than 100 feet in any direction before you encounter a group of kids kicking a ball around and all that practice has paid off. Uruguay has two World Cups to its name, despite its pool of talent being a fraction of the size of its similarly football obsessed neighbors. For context, Uruguay has a population of about 3.5 million, compared to Brazil’s 210 million. All that to say, watching Uruguay’s national sport. Audio Centenario makes for a truly unforgettable experience. You’ll really feel like one of the locals.

7 Monday video home to somewhere between

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A third and one half of Uruguay’s total population. Montevideo is the cultural heart of the country. Be that as it may, it’s likely one of the most relaxed, understated capital cities that you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting in your travels. It’s vibrant and has plenty to offer, but without much of the chaos and overcrowding typical of capital cities. Montevideo wears many hats. It’s the industrial economic and political capital. Its defining characteristic, however, remains its love for the arts, music and theater. Being historic district is reminiscent of Havana thanks to its Art Deco architecture, but it’s far from the only neighborhood worth visiting. Sealed via and Barrio Sur each have something unique to offer in their own right from Sleepy family run restaurants and cozy tango bars to fine dining and the more raucous nightclubs Montevideo has. A little bit of everything

6 Carnival

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When we say carnival you invariably think of Brazil. While Latin, America’s largest country certainly plays host to the most famous such celebration, the honor of the longest running carnival actually belongs to Uruguay. Depending on the city or town, the festivities span anywhere between 40 days and two months, rooted in the traditions of black slaves, Uruguay’s cardinal valve can trace its roots back to the mid 19th century, like the celebrations in Brazil. The festivities are characterized by music dance, brightly colored costumes and seemingly endless St parties. The specifics, however, are quite distinct. Kandamby is the leading style of both music and dance that you’ll encounter when visiting Carnival in Uruguay. But Morgan musical Theater is an equally important part of the tradition. The largest carnival celebration naturally takes place in the capital city of Montevideo, but celebrations are held all across the country and involve over 90% of the population.

5 Five adventure activities

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With only about 51 people per square mile in Uruguay and so much of the population living in Montevideo. That leaves a whole lot of the country to nature. One of the things that Uruguay has working against it in terms of tourism is the lack of big ticket natural attractions. While it might not have anything like Bolivia surreal Salado uni salt flats or Venezuela’s Angel falls, Uruguay is a beautiful country, well worth exploring and there are plenty of thrilling ways to do it. Punta de Diablo is a popular destination that, while well known to tourists, serves as a great home base for hiking. Parking Nacional, Santa Teresa. If you’re a surfer or interested in learning point undead, Diablo has some great but accessible waves. Staying at an Estancia is an opportunity to learn horseback riding from real life gauchos. The iconic, rough and tumble horsemen of South America hot air balloon rides, kite surfing, wilderness trekking. There is no shortage of adventures to be had in Uruguay.

4 four wine after soaring

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Over vineyards on one of the afor mentioned balloon rides, we suspect you’ll be anxious to taste the end result for yourself. Uruguay might fly under the radar from a tourism perspective, but one of the ways in which it has distinguished itself internationally is with its wine 4th in terms of wine production in South America, Uruguay’s growing wine industry is best known for its red wines, specifically those made with to not grapes. Some have gone so far as to call tonight, which originated in southern. France, the next Malbec. That being said, Uruguay also produces merlots chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignon. A big part of the appeal of exploring Uruguay’s wine country is that it’s notably unpretentious. While the producers might be humble, the wines that they’re producing are undeniably bold in flavor, and the surrounding landscapes, especially in the Cannelloni region, are utterly breathtaking.

3 Cuisine the cuisine of Uruguay

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Doesn’t get much in the way of international representation. Even major cities that boast a diverse food scene are lucky to have so much as a single Uruguay in restaurant. And yet the country’s beef is the stuff of legend. It’s actually among the country’s largest and most important exports. Chefs around the world create wonderful dishes using Uruguayan beef, but the locals eat their fair share and over the generations they’ve mastered the art of cooking meat to perfection in a variety of ways. Uruguayan BBQ is right up there with Brazilian asado seeing a Uruguayan asado or work the grill. Is to watch an artist at work, but Uruguay’s culinary delights extend beyond barbecue. Other must try. Dishes include Cappelletti Sarah Caruso, a meat stuffed pasta to veto a type of beef sandwich, and empanada for dessert. You can’t go wrong with dual, say, dilige or pasta, frolla.

2 beaches Uruguay

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Is after all, a coastal country, and much like its neighbors to the North and South, the waterfront boasts some absolutely breathtaking stretches of sand. Considering everything Uruguay has to offer, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t caught on with international travelers sooner, but of its many selling points, this feels like the most obvious oversight. Honestly, there are too many beaches to name, and with relatively low numbers of visitors, they’re rarely crowded. If you do happen to be at a popular beach in peak season, you can almost always escape the crowd after leaving the capital of Montevideo. These include Playa de Los Pocitos, Carrasco beach, Playa Verde, and Ramirez beach, the countries. Most famous beach however, is Punta del Este, which boasts all the amenities and services you could want for a more off the beaten Path Beach Day. Make the trek to Cabo Polonio.

1 One Colonia del Sacramento

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When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage sites. China and Italy are at the top of the heap. Both countries boast a staggering 55 sites apiece. Germany, Spain, France and India all have dozens to their name. Uruguay has only two, but what the country lacks in variety. In this regard, it more than makes up for in terms of quality, OK, technically their second one is a meatpacking museum, but considering Uruguay’s relationship to beef this unlikely attraction is actually well worth checking out. Colonia del Sacramento, however, is a World Heritage site to rival the best of them. This historic Riverside town dates back to the 1680s. Today the town is considered one of the country’s greatest treasures. Enchanting anyone who visits with its timeless charms between the beauty. Of the barrio historical and the painterly sunsets you’ll never want to leave. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this other recent clip from our travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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