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The good news is that bike breakers are a source of secondhand bodywork, and there is a reasonable supply for most models. Cracked plastic is no reason to reject a bike, as long as the damage is reflected in the price, and you are prepared to search for a replacement panel and fit it – it may also need repainting to match the rest of the bike. Damaged bodywork could also indicate more serious damage elsewhere on the bike, so treat it as a clue to look for more bad news, such as bent or snapped footpegs and levers, scraped engine cases and exhaust silencer.

Crashbars are a worthwhile option on the naked bikes – the Trident, Speed Triple and the cruisers – and again, examine these for scrapes and knocks. Tigers also have a bashplate to protect the underside of the engine – very few of the bikes will have been ridden off-road, but it’s worth checking the bashplate for damage just the same.


In one respect, buying a secondhand bike is far easier than purchasing a used car – there’s far less bodywork to worry about. As mentioned above, the quality of Triumph’s plastic bodywork is pretty good, though it will still suffer if the bike has been dropped. One source suggests that the ST 1050 bodywork is less substantial than the earlier plastic. Scratches can usually be painted out, but cracks in the bodywork are very difficult to repair, and new parts are expensive.



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