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Top 10 places to visit in america for The fact that he killed infants not only in Bethlehem proper but throughout the surrounding districts conirms that Herod was indeed seeking to spread his net suficiently widely to be sure to catch his prey. The brutality entailed in this episode is very much in character with what we know of Herod from Josephus not only had he had three of his own sons and one of his wives executed Ant. [? ; [??? , but he also even sought to ensure mourning at his passing by having one member of every noble Jewish family throughout the nation killed Ant. [??? Matthew suggests that Herod was fully cognizant that he was taking on God’s Messiah. Aware of the special nature of the newborn infant, Herod may have been concerned that the child might appear older than he actually was. However, the reason given by Matthew for Herod’s decision to slaughter infants in their first and second year is that he had carefully ascertained from the Magi when the Star had first appeared. The implication is, of course, that the Star first appeared a considerable time before it rose heliacally on the eastern horizon. Top 10 places to visit in america 2016.

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