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Top 10 places to visit europe on During MacArthur’s remaking of Japan, his authority rivaled, and in some instances exceeded, that of the emperor. He certainly had stronger authority in Japan M 507 than the governments he represented and the government of the defeated enemy. Through his staff, he implemented policies and processes that brought devastated Japan from the ashes to a leading position in the world’s economy. He designed and his staff wrote the constitution that brought democratic government to Japan. He preserved the emperor, sheltered him from the war crimes trials, and defined the nature of Japan’s democracy. He made Japan a demilitarized, non-aggressive, non-threat to its neighbors. MacArthur went on to command the UNITED NATIONS forces in South KOREA, to challenge President Harry TRUMAN’s limits on that war, and to get fired in 1951 for insubordination. Top 10 places to visit europe 2016.

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