Top 10 Hottest Travel Destinations in the USA

We’re counting down our picks for the top ten hottest travel destinations in the US. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at the trendiest American destinations for 2021. Based on analytics by Priceline.

10 Nashville, TN.

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa

Tennessee’s capital might be the most musical city in EU S in addition to having landmarks like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and Grand Ole Opry tourists flocked to Nashville for the music festivals and concerts. You can feel the beat walking down any street, especially in the Music Row District. While the Music City is best known for its music, there are a wide variety of different sites to see and sounds to hear. Take in the scenery at the Bicentennial Mall. Enjoy an atmospheric dip at Radnor Lake or Chow down on some southern BBQ when it comes to entertaining, this city does not hit a false note.

9, Houston, TX

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa

Texas is the most populous city and delivers on the 3S is sports shopping and outer space. Energy Stadium serves as a hub for football, soccer and basketball for a genuine Texan experience. Low drop by the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Uptown District has the largest shopping mall in Texas, the Galleria. In addition to shops, this complex comes complete with two Westin hotels and the polar ice skating rink. We’re all familiar with the line Houston. We have a problem, but there’s far more to be said at the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center where knowledge is just one small step away. Houston is also a very diverse city, including its LGBTQ plus.

8 Atlanta, GA.

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 1

For the longest time, Hollywood and movie stars were synonymous in recent years. However, Georgia has become equally prominent, if not more so in film and television production. Don’t be surprised if you run into a few famous faces while walking through the Atlanta area. Now we can’t guarantee you’ll spot any celebrities filming the latest Marvel movie or season of Stranger Things. However, you will most definitely find lush green trails to trek across. And bustling urban playgrounds to explore no city in the southeastern U? S hosts. More festivals covering everything from music to fandom to diversity, embrace Atlantis’ rich history by sharing a cold beverage at the world of Coca Cola or watching the eternal flame at Martin Luther King Junior National Historical Park.

7, Puerto Rico

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 2

An unincorporated territory, Puerto Rico officially became a part of EU S in 1917, sitting about. 1000 miles off the coast of Miami, this Caribbean island is among the top destinations for beachgoers flamenco beach, which is located on East La Culebra, is known for its white sand scuba diving spots and rusted military tanks. If you’re visiting the capital of San Juan, Condado beach is lined with shady trees and waters that are perfect for numerous sports beyond the oceanfront. Puerto Rico’s capital is distinguished by its historic buildings, especially. The vibrant colonial houses that light up old San Juan from the casinos to the cruises to the cultural festivities every day in Puerto Rico, is a celebration of swords.

6, San Diego, CA

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 3

Another beach hub, San Diego attracts water enthusiasts with its whale, watching cruises, fishing spots and SeaWorld. There are more animals to be found at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park where visitors can observe wildlife on foot on a truck. And even from up above or the best aerial views, nothing can quite top paragliding or Hang Gliding over the San Diego coast. Torrey Pines Glider Port takes the excitement to new heights, providing exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean and the birthplace of California. San Diego is also known as a city in motion which accurately describes the constant activity. Whether you’d rather catch a game at Petco Park or Ride a roller coaster at Belmont Park, life in San Diego never slows down.

5 Lando Florida, California

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 5


May has its fair share of amusement parks, but Florida cranks the thrills up to 11. Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. With so many options that you’ll need to visit annually to see it all escape from Gringotts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Experience everything awesome at Legoland or explore all four theme parks that make up Walt Disney World. Although it will take at least an hour to reach many major beaches, Orlando. Still offers plenty of water fund with kayaking tours, airboat rides, and observing the fountain at Lake Eola Park. Naturally, there’s also an assortment of water parks to choose from, including Universal Volcano Bay, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Sea World’s Aquatica.

4 Chicago, IL

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 6

Every inch of the Windy City offers a breath of fresh air. The phenomenal views from the Willis Tower, cheer on the Cubs at Wrigley Field. And observe iconic art at the Art Institute of Chicago. Throw in a Ferrari and some parade floats and you can basically reenact the plot of Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Of course, even that Chicago based classic only covered a fraction of what the city has to offer by taking a few extra days off, you’ll have the time to snap a selfie at the cloud gate, watch some masters of improv at the second city, and partake in a deep dish pizza tour if your time is limited, though, you can pack a lot of Chicago into a 40 minute.

3, Las Vegas, NV.

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 7

How would you like to visit the Eiffel Tower? The Sphinx and the Statue of Liberty all in one trip until they invent teleportation technology? Las Vegas is the next best thing. Although Vegas borrows inspiration from various locales, Nevada’s Cultural Center possesses an identity that’s all its own, described by many as Disneyland. For an adult crowd, Vegas allows visitors to live out their wildest fantasies. It’s called Sin City for a reason. Although Vegas isn’t exclusively for party animals, more mild tourists can still appreciate the neon lit sights on the Las Vegas Strip and the various live shows. Vegas can take visitors in unpredictable directions, though. Who knows, you may leave with the Jack Pot or a wedding band.

2 New York, NY.

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 8

Few metropolitan areas in the US pack more personality into every corner than New York. For those who have lived in the Big Apple their whole lives, taking a taxi, riding the subway, or walking past a row of towering skyscrapers are just facets of everyday life. For visitors. However, it’s all an amazing experience. All five boroughs of New York have a one of a kind vibe. From pizza savvy Brooklyn to the urban playground that is Manhattan. Together, they all make up a world capital of culture, art and diversity, even in the city that never sleeps. It’s hard to absorb everything in one lifetime. It’s no wonder the tourists are always drawn to this amazing destination.

1 Los Angeles, CA.

top 10 hottest travel destinations in the usa 9

While not quite as large or populated as New York, Los Angeles is considered by many to be the entertainment capital of the world. From the second you lay eyes on the iconic Hollywood sign, it’s clear that you’re in a magical city of stars and sunshine. Whether you prefer the fast paced nature of. Urban life or the laid back tranquility of the beach. Los Angeles is a fusion of everything you could possibly desire, including fantastic food and ambitious architecture. Weather is always a main reason to visit LA with an average rainfall of only 34 days annually in the city of Angels, it’s always a good time to visit regardless of the time of year.

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