Top 10 Holiday Ideas for this summer

The summer is here and it’s time to choose where to spend the few weeks you are away from work. Many have planned their holiday at least six months in advance, but there are some, who don’t want to visit the hottest and really crowded tourist destinations everyone else loves. If this is you, then you will most definitely appreciate my top 10 ideas for creative, out-of-the-box summer holidays, so read on:

Klavze, Slovenia

If you are looking for the ultimate holiday retreat for the summer, the small town of Klavze in Slovenia has it all in store nestled on the western banks of the Baca River, Klavze is a small, quiet village, where you can truly relax and enjoy endless adventure activities, such as rafting, canoeing and hiking.

La Thuile, France

The French Alps are home of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world and are definitely an incredible place to consider for your summer holiday. Just next to the Italian border, lays the small village of La Thuile, which is also home to one of the best yoga retreats in Europe.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is without a doubt the most popular summer holiday choice for Brits and also for many other European nations. However, not far away from the island’s most popular resorts, you can escape to a tranquil environment and enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Enjoy a detox yoga retreat with pool, Jacuzzi, and massages.

Mali Losinj, Croatia

The Adriatic coastline seems to become an increasingly popular destination over the past few years and it’s still untouched nature is probably the main reason for this. A great escape for a relaxing summer holiday is Mali Losinj, where you can truly experience the unique mix of fragrances and flavour traditional for that region, while also enjoying yoga and the beach.

Skyros, Greece

Greece is home to many of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands and Skyros is one of those islands. Whether you want to practice yoga or just lay on the beautiful beaches for your entire holiday, Skyros will allow you to escape the large crowds of tourists and experience the true nature of Greek culture.

Sardinia, Italy

Besides being home to some of Europe’s best wineries, Sardinia also offers some of the most beautiful beaches. With dozens of activities available in the area, chances are you will have so much to visit that you will most definitely come back for more in the future! And don’t forget, you can enjoy yoga here too!

Yoga Retreat near Bodrum, Turkey

Just 20 minutes away from the ancient city of Bodrum, you can find one of the most tranquil yoga retreats in the world! Situated at an extended bay and surrounded by beautiful pine forest and spectacular mountain landscapes, you are bound to have relaxing time here while also stretching your limbs with yoga or on walks.

Algarve, Portugal

While, I was making this list I stumbled upon incredibly beautiful and tranquil holiday destination, just 20 minutes away from the busy streets of Lagos. If you want to escape the busy western lifestyle and enjoy the hot Portuguese sun, you will most definitely fall in love with the Algarve!

Sussex, UK

The English countryside has inspired some of the world’s most creative minds to help us all move forward to our brighter future and if you want to get a true taste of how it feels, I can most definitely recommend visiting Sussex. Just an hour away from one of world’s largest cities London, the location is perfect for relaxation! Pool and yoga await at your doorstep.

Fuerteventura, Spain

The Canary Islands are among the top tourist destinations for people in Europe offering almost guaranteed sunshine most of the year, but few are actually aware that there are incredibly beautiful spots to visit, away from the main tourist tracks. One of the best examples is Fuerte Ventura where you can experience a tranquil holiday, and enjoy the breath-taking views of the sea, neighbouring islands and small fishing villages nested along the coastline. Surfing, paddle boarding and yoga on the board can all be explored here.

A well-selected summer holiday destination and package are often the main difference between good and poor vacation experience. With all of the choices I’ve mentioned so far, you are a guaranteed not only to have a good time, but also gain completely new experiences and in some cases even change your life for the better. Want to learn more about the activities offered at these destinations? Check out the Neal’s Yard Holidays website for even more fresh ideas and suggestions!

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