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Top 10 destinations for 2015 on He had joined the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party, and he saw his principal task as writing and producing the Party’s paper, Iskra (Spark). This was an impossible task within Russia so Lenin and Krupskaya lived in Munich, then London and Geneva, indeed anywhere, where the police would leave them to work uninterrupted. In 1903, at the second congress of the infant Social Democratic Party, the party split into two sections: the Bolsheviks, meaning the majority, and the Mensheviks or the minority. This historic split contained seeds of several arguments that, in later years, were to distinguish both Lenin as an individual and the Bolsheviks as an organization. Lenin’s idea of the new party was of a tightly knit organization whose members were subject to its discipline. The Mensheviks were happy with a looser structure. It is perhaps worth mentioning that Lenin insisted, as far as conditions allowed, on tolerance for opposition and political discussion within the Bolshevik Party. Top 10 destinations for 2015 2016.

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