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Top 10 countries to visit for It is much more important that, as Guy Consolmagno emphasizes, supernovas leave remains in their wake for example, the Crab Nebula is the remnants of a supernova in AD Unfortunately for the supernova hypothesis, no remnants of a supernova , years ago have ever been discovered. Some have claimed that the Chinese astronomical hui-hsing, recorded in the year BC, was actually a nova. However, most scholars concur that hui-hsing refers to a broom-star comet. Normally the phrase refers to tailed comets. Moreover, the location in the sky of the hui-hsing, in Capricornus, suggests that it refers to a comet rather than a nova, for that constellation is not where one would normally expect to see a nova, since it is too far from the plane of the Milky Way galaxy, where most novas are found. In addition, the hui-hsing of BC did not heliacally rise. To argue that the hui-hsing is the Star, one is forced to claim that the Magi were confused they believed that they were seeing a star’s heliacal rising, in spite of the fact that the object was far higher in the sky than could logically be expected for a irst sighting of a star. Top 10 countries to visit 2016.

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