Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2018 Best In Travel Summary

Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2018 Best In Travel Summary

Hi guys this is Aggie in her shoes today. I would like to share with you Lonely Planet’s best of travel for Lonely Planet is the best travel guy in the world and every year they release their recommendations for the following year where de Gaulle they recommend best cities best countries and best regions and right now. I will share with you this country to visit in according to Lonely Planet. I am lucky that. I happened to live in out of top countries for. So I can give you my my impressions and, I will also tell you where these places are because some of them might be a little bit confusing. So refresh your memory if you’re anything like me and you are dying to get to know Africa a little bit better but you’re not really sure which country is safe to visit I’d say Botswana it’s our best bet because it’s not only close to South Africa just the south of it you get safaris to get the beautiful rivers you get a stable economy you get very safe country and it is also pretty much good to visit all year round number two Japan and seriously Japan is. So absolutely unique when it comes to their culture their food their nature the cherry blossom it’s just. So beautiful.

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I guess all of us should at least try to visit Japan once in a lifetime number three USA USA is huge and it’s almost impossible to summarize it in one word I’d say if you ever considered doing any sort of road trip in your life come to the u.s. because you can not only drive from New York to California you can also drive up along the Pacific coast which. I did last year and that was the most beautiful road trip in the world. So I’d say national parks and road trips two best things about the u.s. number four Palau and, I gotta say. I actually had to look this one up Palau is a small island north of Papua New Guinea and in consist of small Islands with a perfect color reef. So if you’re a diver or a snorkeler or just want to go to paradise Palau is your place to go hang on number five Latvia let’s see it’s just north of Poland and I’ve never been there because of course that’s what happens when you live. So close to the country but from what I’ve read it’s a perfect combination between the Nordic elegance with Eastern European Flair and apparently very good cuisine. So Latvia make sure you check it out before it gets too cold which will be around October November until March number six Australia my second home my student years well Australia is everything you can see kangaroos you can see crocodiles you can dive in a coral reef you can hang out in the most beautiful wineries and forests. I mean seriously and they have the most beautiful city in the world which.

I believe it to be Sydney. So take advantage of the fact that the Australian dollar is still not very strong and discover Australia number seven Poland of course you have to visit my motherland I’d say the top ten reasons to visit Poland are number one Agnieszka and it’s just being followed by other female names. I got the secret from Michael but the truth is Poland is beautiful I’d say the best part about Poland are people but at the same time whenever. I post photos from Poland all my American friends are like oh my god. I didn’t realize it’s So pretty it is really beautiful but it does get cold in winter though. So make sure that you’re not gonna come between December and March because it gets very very cold trust me number eight roadway which is a pretty small South American country tacked in between Brazil and Argentina and not many people know that it’s a very safe country it’s very beautiful and they have their own watchos which is like the Latin American Cowboys and there is a lot of beautiful nature. So if you haven’t heard of work right make sure you check it out number nine Greenland and, I know what you’re thinking you’re thinking oh my god Greenland it’s gonna be so-called a better visit between their summer which is like June and August however it turns out that if you come in winter you can see the most beautiful thing in the world the Northern Lights. So it’s gonna be a tough call two fun facts about Greenland is that they still use snowmobiles and sleds there are no roads or cars and the second part is that they actually make their beer with melted iceberg water which. I think it’s pretty cool number ten Fiji and of course if one thinks well Fiji is a paradise it’s perfect for diving and snorkeling but Fiji is also beautiful because of their people and they’re friendly they’re loved dancing they love singing and they love their tourists which is not very popular among other Pacific Islanders. I mean at least not. So much. So yeah Fiji could be a good place to go for you if you’re looking for some Pacific island getaway. I would be actually very interested to know if any of you have been to any of these countries and if. So let me know what was the best part about them in the comments below if you would like you can subscribe or just find me on Facebook and Instagram. So we can talk a little bit more thank you. So much see you to the next post.

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