Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2018 Best In Travel Summary

Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2018 Best In Travel Summary

Hi guys this is Aggie in her shoes and today, I’m very excited because Lonely Planet just released their best in travel for and Lonely Planet is like the best travel guide in the world. So sure enough the recommendations are awesome and, I would like to talk to you about them. I will tell you what is the best time to travel through those places as well as what’s. So great about these places uh. So stay tuned, I’m gonna start with cities the best cities to go traveling in. So number one city to visit in is Qatar and Montenegro multi-link er is basically in the south of Europe right next to Croatia. So when it comes to the best time to visit. I would say perhaps summer because it’s warm but since it’s south of Europe September and October as well as April May will still be nice and warm Couture is a cute European town with cobblestone streets and little cafes hidden away in like small alleys. So if that’s what you like but you don’t want to have like all the tourists that are in Rome or Paris. I guess Montenegro is a place to go city number two Quito Ecuador Ecuador is in South America of course close to the equator good time to visit is perhaps between December and March during summer but if you like some lower temperatures and lower prices as well. I guess any time between March and December is still fine to Quito is considered one of the safest places in South America to travel. So if you want to see and feel some South American Flair without worrying about your wallet.

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I guess Quito is a good place to go city number three Dublin Ireland which is in Europe apparently of population of Dublin is under imagine that of that look like Colin Farrell, I’m just kidding uh what is it about the Irishman. I don’t know maybe it’s the beer maybe it’s Guiness either way best time to visit Dublin will be probably during European summer. So it doesn’t get too cold which would be between June and September but still if you decide to go in winter make sure you will be ready to snuggle up have a lot of beer and remember that Michael Fassbender’s parents run a pub somewhere in Ireland. So if you’re into Irish men, I’m not saying that everyone would be but just like supposedly well then the some of them are in Ireland’s City number for Georgetown Malaysia which is best to visit between December and January there’s something cool about old Asian cities and Georgetown is definitely one of them it’s full of cultures full of art and it’s full of a mix of different cuisine whether it’s Chinese Japanese Taiwanese and you know that sometimes fusions of different cuisines is better than the actual cuisines like. I don’t wanna say anything. But I was like super hungry in China.

So yeah maybe Malaysia would be a good place for me to go if, I’m. Because I do love Asian cuisine. So that would be a perfect place for me city number five Rotterdam Netherlands and Rotterdam is one of these student cities that you feel like you could totally just join University at any time and look cool and just like hang out at these cute cafes and I’d say the best time to visit Rotterdam would be in European summer again which would be between May and September coworkers otherwise it does get a little cold city number six is Mumbai India which is a paradise for vegans since most of the population is vegan and they actually rolled a ban on beef which means that you can’t eat beef in Mumbai sounds very interesting and the best time to visit Mumbai is between December and February which will be a perfect getaway from European or u.s. winter if that’s what you’re after number seven Fremantle Australia. I have good and bad memories of Fremantle Australia the good one is that it’s right next to Perth and you can still feel true blue Aussie feel to it. So it’s awesome bad memory car accident two surgeries there hospitals are good.

So that’s one good thing about true mental to number eight Manchester England because everyone goes to London. So next time you’re in London saying well, I’m gonna take a three hour ride and check out Manchester and see where David Beckham used to play and apparently have really good restaurants and a lot of art in museums. So make sure you check it out before it gets too cold. So before before European winter which starts around November same as you us. So you know you know what am. I telling you number nine Nashville USA and Nashville is perfect for music fans and, I’m not talking about Elvis or the country music it is full of different different and mixtures and kinds of super talented musicians that are all over the place the open mic nights at different bars as a really cool vibe and if music is your jam then I’d say go to Nashville once in your life and just hang out all these cool bars and have a good time number Rome Italy and here, I’m not sure. Because I don’t know if. I should talk about all the food and pizza and pasta or the gelato or all the amazing an architecture or the Vatican or the energy of the Italians. I mean seriously it’s wrong you have to go to Rome at least once in your life all roads lead to Rome that was best of travel of Lonely Planet in for cities make sure you watch my post about top countries and top regions that was Agee and that was jelly bean my little kitty that’s been an entire time on my lap and, I hope. I really hope you didn’t hear her purr cuz you. So loud hope you could hear me.

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