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Top 10 cities in usa for Note that Matthew makes explicit in verses and ? when subjective revelatory phenomena played a part in the narrative also However, in both the Magi and the narrator speak of the Star as an objective phenomenon, rising v. [the Magi’s words and v. [the narrator’s words , going before them v. [the narrator’s words , and standing over the house v. [the narrator’s words Indeed the Star is described in terms as objective as the Magi’s journey to Judea and their entry into the house where Jesus and Mary were. Second, the reaction of Herod and the people of Jerusalem to the report of the Magi does not make a lot of sense if the phenomenon was merely subjective why would the Jewish people have been troubled by a subjective report from pagan astrologers from a foreign land, probably Babylon? And why would Herod have been convinced that the Magi were correct in claiming that the Messiah had been born? Besides, the text does not require that Herod and the people of Jerusalem were unaware of the Star prior to the Magi’s arrival, but only that they did not appreciate its messianic significance. We maintain, then, that the miraculous and visionary hypotheses are, by their very nature, positions of last resort that leave key questions unanswered. Top 10 cities in usa 2016.

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