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Top 10 cities in us for This gloriously bright meteor, he imagined, rose in the east and traveled through the sky in a westward direction. Although the performance would have been rather leeting, Moore suggested that the trail left by the ireball or bolide might have been visible for hours afterwards. Sir Patrick proposed that another gloriously bright meteor appeared, once again in the eastern sky and once again crossing the sky in a westward trajectory. It is not altogether clear what was the purpose of this second ireball, whether to get the Magi to depart on their westward journey or to pinpoint the location of the child in Bethlehem at the end of their journey. Most likely, however, Moore was suggesting that the second meteor was doing the work of the Star when the Magi were in Bethlehem unless Moore did mean this, his theory offers no explanation of the climactic appearance of the Star. Moore admitted that his hypothesis could not be proved, but, at the same time, insisted that it could not be disproved either and claimed that it fared better than other hypotheses. However, the hypothesis is easily refuted. Top 10 cities in us 2016.

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