Top 10 Cities in France to Visit

France to visit in 2022

Welcome to our travel blog and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten cities in France to visit in 2021. For this list, we’re looking at the most elegant atmospheric and iconic cities across the most romantic country in Western Europe. Number ten national shell. If you’re fascinated by medieval and Renaissance architecture, Lago Shell has been virtually untouched by time. The city is defined by three historic towers, in particular the chain tower, the Lantern Tower, and the Sun Nicola Tower, which guard Lacko shells port. The Old Harbor resides in the city’s heart, providing one of France’s most sensational seaside views. Not to mention some of its finest seafood along the old port. Now her shells Old Town is lined with various other landmarks that will transport you back to another century. The best way to explore Lashelle is riding a bike through the calming streets. Along the way, make a few stops at the local shops, restaurants and aquarium number

9 Diesel

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This commune hosts a wide array of historic buildings and townhouses from Capetian Gothic and Renaissance periods. The Church of Notre Dom of Dijon is an especially captivating site, even if it’s not. The most famous Notre Dom in France. While the city itself is an accentual marvel, the music the Bulls. Although Dijon is a main attraction for art enthusiasts, part of the Gothic ducal palace. The museum features works by Titian, Lorenzo, Lotto and various other Renaissance artists. The tombs of the Dukes of Burgundy is the most extraordinary exhibit, however, containing the tombs of John the fearless Margaret of Bavaria and Phillip the bold. Also, before your trip is over, be sure to try something with Dijon mustard.

8 BR It’s although

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The architecture and food are two of France’s greatest draws. It’s also home to some of Europe’s most ravishing beaches, being located on the Bay of Biscay, BYOB. It’s is one of the premier spots for surfing as a matter of fact, it’s where surfing was introduced to Europe. In addition to its six beaches, the city includes a sea front aquarium, a Museum of ocean exhibits, and a historic lighthouse. On the peninsula’s edge, it’s like this entire city. As an under the sea theme, but the most enthralling landmark is the hoshida lavier topped with a Virgin Mary statue. This rock formation is accessible through a lengthy metal bridge with waves crashing below. There’s a dramatic view from every angle.

7 Leal among Frances

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Biggest and busiest urban areas. Neil has no shortage of landmarks to see. The ground glass stands out as leaves Main Square bustling with social activity at the center. Resides the column of the goddess commemorating the city’s resistance during the siege of 1792. The call and plus is also distinguished by a towering Ferris wheel that provides an exquisite view of the city. Of course, the best vantage point is arguably from atop the City Hall, belfry, which stretches up over 300 feet. Your journey is just beginning as the old Stock Exchange by Lady Bosa and Lil Zoo all demand your attention to embrace the big city transportation. We’d recommend getting around using European metropolis of Lille. Number six class bull. You can make your way from Germany to splash pool by crossing a bridge Over The Rhine River.

6 Class Bull

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Is made of many famed bridges, such as the barrage Vauban from this landmark. You can get a stunning view of the pool cover, which consists of Three Bridges and four towers. Not too far away from there. Is this possible cathedral once the tallest building in the world? While that record has since been surpassed several times, this sandstone structure is currently. The world’s sixth tallest church and the second tallest in France. In addition to being one of France’s largest cities class pool, is an integral part of the European Union hosting the European Parliament.

5 Nice looking up the city

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You’ll probably assume it’s nice based on the name alone while it’s actually pronounced nice, this city is still nice in every sense of the word. It’s even nicknamed Nice LaBelle or nice the beautiful, such as to be expected from. Any city in the French Riviera to get a divine taste of the Mediterranean Sea? Spend a day swimming, strolling and cycling at the Promenade days. Only only a couple of minutes away is plus Massena. The city’s main square. From there you can make your way to the Old Town, which is lined with cobblestone streets. Although you’ll come for the coastal tranquility the urban area occupies. Landmarks like the Musee Matisse, and they send Nichola Orthodox Cathedral.

4 Maxi While nice

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Is the province out called deserves second largest city? Marseille has it topped since it’s Frances second largest city overall. While there is much ground to cover, we’d suggest starting off your journey on Lakenya, a famous Ave that stretches over a mile to the old Port of Massey. If you ever wanted to recreate a classic scene from Love Actually, well, then you’ll definitely want to visit a restaurant on old port called Baldal Amerine, which is where Jamie proposes to. Aurelia or. If classic literature is more your Forte, you may be interested in seeing a setting from the Count of Monte Cristo. Either way, nothing competes with exploring old port in Person

3 Neil about 200 miles from Massey

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Neil isn’t quite as large, however it does have the second biggest metropolitan area in France. It’s also one of France’s most expensive cities, but residents get their money’s worth in atmosphere and architecture. Basilica of not condemned fool ya. The two of metallic and plus bellecour are just some of the historic sites that Neil is known for. Above all else, though, Leo is renowned for gastronomy, which is where cuisine and culture intersect. The city is especially celebrated for its sausages such as Jose de Lyon, with the Beaujolais and Cote de Rhone regions nearby. Expect to have some fine wine with your meal to.

2 Baldo Speaking of wine

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Bordeaux is the capital of the world for the beverage. We can’t think of a better spot for two wine enthusiasts to have their honeymoon. You can base your entire trip around wine tasting, but if you’re looking for a bit more variety, boldo is also a sightseers paradise. The plaster labouisse is located on the world’s biggest reflecting pool, offering two amazing sites for the price of 1, have a brisk stroll across the pond, appear catch in opera at the contact, double do and Marvel at the presence of the Baldo Cathedral. Number one, Paris. If this list proves anything, it’s that there’s a lot more to.

1 France than just Paris

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That being said, Paris is France’s most revered city for good reason. Chances are you’ve already heard of the must see attractions, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Alta Triumph are all landmarks that every tourist must visit. Not coda Perry, while still being rebuilt from the devastating 2019 fire, is worth passing by as well. Your trip to Paris shouldn’t be solely defined by the obvious. Destinations, though it should be about opening yourself to new experiences. Paris is loaded with secrets that are waiting to be discovered. The highlight of your trip might be a little shop or restaurant you happen upon while wandering down the street. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this other recent clip from our travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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