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Judgment is divided among modern scholars on the value of the tradition that makes Mark the founder of the Alexandrian Christian community. Many have observed that no hint of this is found in the many works preserved by two important Alexandrian writers, Clement and Origen, who certainly would have mentioned it in several places if they had known of it. Nor is there any mention in other 2nd- and 3rd-c. Christian authors where we might expect it, e.g., Toledo Subway Map Irenaeus of Lyons ca. 140 202. In 1973, however, Morton Smith published a text that presents itself as an excerptum from the letters of the most holy Clement, author of the Stromateis in which it is said, among other things, that Mark, having written his gospel at Rome, Toledo Subway Map went to Alexandria after Peter’s death and there wrote a more spiritual Gospel for those who are being initiated into the great mysteries. According to the editor this is an authentic letter, previously unknown, of Clement of Alexandria. What it says of Mark would correlate to a tradition known for some time, according to which a secret gospel, Toledo Subway Map written by Mark, was in the possession of the Carpocratians, a gnostic sect. Smith’s publication of the text led to a lively debate over its attribution to Clement. Oden 2007 presents literary, archaeological and circumstantial evidence of Mark’s life and death in Alexandria.

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