Told to Jump Onto Train Tracks – Cannes France

Here with Ivy we are looking right now on our computers little laptop club going on here we’re looking at maybe going to another country, and country that I’ve really always wanted to go to, and Ivy as well, and neither of us have been, and we’re looking at going on kind of an impromptu trip investigating flights very exciting stuff going on here. So hopefully something’s gonna work out, and we’ll let you know Hey from nice it is a beautiful day again, and today I am going to can as in the place that they have the famous can post Festival also today is a leap day which kind of makes it special. Because it’s a day almost that’s kind of snuck through the cracks, and not supposed to exist also I feel like it’s relevant for me to go to can with it’s kind of history with cinematography just. Because last night Leonardo DiCaprio finally won Best Actor and, I’m so happy for him, and maybe that’s a little off topic. But anyway, I’m going to can. So let’s go my shoes are just a little bit all wet from yesterday I’ve gotten into can it took me longer than expected to get here I was on the platform waiting for the train, and my ticket actually blew away out of my hand, and into the train tracks.

Told to Jump Onto Train Tracks – Cannes France Photo Gallery

So I raced town to like ask someone an information or ticketing if they could put me in a ticket. Because I had their seat, and the lady actually said that I should go back, and climb down onto the tracks, and get my ticket I don’t think, I’m gonna do that. So can you, and I could be a new ticket like no we can’t. So I had to buy a new ticket. So basically it cost me twice as much to come here that as it should have. But oh well, I’m gonna still have a good time exploring, and have some places that I want to go. So, I’m gonna go, and find them now you behind me is where the Cannes post Festival popular relevance or everyone in Kenneth goes a little hard to get almost getting to the beach come to watch the sunset over the ocean that was very nice watched the sunset kind of over the water I think that now, I’m gonna head back I think that, I’ll end the day here there’s really no need to show you another train voyage unless something happens.

But hopefully it won’t this time. So I am really glad that I ended up coming to can, and actually this morning IV, and I booked our trip to a very exciting place which, I’ll let you know in a few days it’s a place that I have always always wanted to go it’s going to be really different to what I’ve seen. So far in my trip. So I am so so excited about that, and yeah. So that was my day in can’t see you tomorrow night.

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