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Tokyo/Yokohama Subway Map on However, technology imitation is not at all trivial as poor countries have neither the human capital nor the infrastructure necessary to make productive use of these technologies. Indeed, one of the recent puzzles in GROWTH theory is why we do not observe more imitation of existing technologies and readily available information by poor nations. It has been suggested by many economists that if poor countries do not start taking advantage of the information revolution, there will be a substantial increase in income inequality within and across countries. The nature of information. The difference between the value of information (just like technology) on the one hand, and factors of production such as physical and human capital on the other, can more formally be described as follows: If a conventional factor of production is being used by one person, it cannot be used by another. Exactly the opposite is true of information in general; the fact that one person is using information does not prevent others from using it just as effectively. This non-rivalry of information means that in studying it, researchers have to focus much more on transfers (between firms or between countries) than is the case with more traditional factors of production. Tokyo/Yokohama Subway Map 2016.

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