Tokyo Travel Guide

Side Trips There are packaged tours which cover the parts of Japan which are most interesting to foreign tourists. Starting at Tokyo you drive to Hakone NationaJ Park and Atami Hot Springs Resort. You pass through Kamakura, which is the site of the shrine Of the Great Buddha, or Daibutsu. You may climb inside the Buddha to shoulder level. A short distance from the Buddha is Hachiman Shrine, one of the oldest temples in Japan, located in a grove of cherry trees. If you are touring you will proceed to Hakone Mountains to the Fujiyu Hotel, one of Japan‚„s most elegant hotels at Miyanoshita high in the mountains, or to the Hakone Hotel on the shores of Lake Hakone, from there on to Atami over the Ten Province Pass, from which you will get a wonderful view of Mt. Fujiyama. The Atami Hotel is good here.

The third day of the tour takes you by train to Kyoto, known as the ‚“classic‚ city of Japan. The fabulous shrines and temples, ‚“Teapot Lane,‚ the many bazaars and shops are famous. The Miyako Hotel overlooks the city from a hill. The Kyoto Hotel is located squarely in the city‚„s shopping district. You will visit the grounds of the old Imperial Palace and the Higashi-Hongan-ji, one of the most elaborate Buddhist Temples in the country. Heian Shrine in Okazaki Park is a famous Shinto shrine set in the midst of formal gardens. Twice a year this is the site of festivals, and endless processions of Shintoists, dressed in costumes depicting various periods in history, pay homage there. On the fifth day, you leave Kyoto for Nara, which is considered the cradle of Japanese art and culture. Here is the Shoso-in, whose treasures are displayed annually in Tokyo. Here, too, are wonderful examples of early Japanese architecture, the Todaiji Temple with its Hall of the Great Buddha, largest wooden structure in the world, housing the Great Buddha, which is over 53 feet high; Horyuji Temple, built in 607 a.d. containing many art treasures over a thousand years old, and many other unusual sights attract the tourist. You will see Nara Park, where tame deer roam at will, and wander down the vermilion corridors of the Kasuga Shrine, founded in 768 a.d. The Nara Hotel is the place here.

From Nara, you go by electric train to Osaka, where Shin-saibashi, the city‚„s shopping and amusement center, with its colorful bazaars, will enchant you. Osaka Castle, the walls of which are formed of gigantic pieces of granite, is amazing. The gardens surrounding the castle are filled with shrubs and trees and tiny ponds spanned by equally tiny bridges. The Shitennoji Temple and the Temmangu Shrine are here. It is in Osaka that you find the theater devoted entirely to puppet shows, the Bunrakuza. The New Osaka Hotel, Naniwa Hotel and International Fair Hotel offer fine Western-styie accommodations. This tour takes about 5 days. But you can arrange to stay longer at a place you particularly like.

Another place of interest to go from Tokyo is Nikko, about 90 miles north of the capital. This is a mountain resort famous for its scenery and its 300-year-old Toshogu Shrine. The entire area is a national park. Just a few miles from Nikko at Lake Chuzenji are the ‚» Kegon Waterfalls. Here is the best trout fishing in Japan. There are good bathing and swimming, too. You will see the red-lacquered, crescent-shaped sacred bridge, which crosses the Daiya River. Here there is a five-storied pagoda considered to be the finest in Japan. The carvings of the World famous ‚“Three Monkeys‚ are on the Sacred Stable beyond the Niomon Gate here. See also the Yomeimon Gate. The Nikko-Kanaya Hotel has a swimming pool and surprisingly enough, a skating rink.

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