Welcome to the weird, and wonderful Tokyo Japan I’ve spent the last two months living here seeking out the most fun, and exciting things to do after the Sun Goes Down, and as you can imagine it’s nothing short of incredibly interesting. So let me take you around, and show you a quick guide to tokyo nightlife enjoy alright I think the best way to break down this massive city is by popular nightlife neighborhoods, and districts and, I’ll give you a few examples, and recommendations in each let’s start out, and probably the most touristy nightlife neighborhood in all of Tokyo Roppongi home to a ton of foreign friendly bars, and clubs, and probably the first place you’ll go out before you know any better staying within that theme to start out the night there’s a cool little basement Mexican bar called agave just off the main street that serves up frozen margaritas cigars Mexican beer, and a variety of tequila or there’s a really chill spot with an awesome entrance called the public six which offers hidden TVs, and a wide range of forum gears in cocktail. But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting there’s a club called r2, and it’s the place to be in Rome guys she loved it on the complete other end of the spectrum much more local is the traditional Japanese pubs or hezekiah which literally translates to a stay in liquor shop prices at these places are usually a lot more affordable than another restaurants or fancy bars. So they’re a favorite amongst local people for after work drinks, and small tapas style plates along with this little spot in macro Megara perhaps my favorite nightlife area, and all of Tokyo is the district of eBay su in particular Ebisu yokocho yokocho, and Japanese means alleyways off the Main Street.


But it also refers to the small bars, and pubs that are joined, and rolls along these narrow lanes each of these little taverns specialize in something unique. So it’s best to bounce around my favorite spot here is this lively stall that focuses on different ways to prepare beef tongue roasted if the yokocho scene isn’t your style maybe you’d prefer this Swank a little absinthe bar down the road of bar trance tramp repairs the traditional absinthe experiences in a dark, and cozy setting listen I don’t know what just happened. But this place here will make you feel as high as a kite man you gotta look floor tramp an analyst now next up is home to these busiest street crossing in all of Japan if not the world, and that is Shibuya it’s definitely one of the most touristy areas in town.

But it’s also a hot spot for young Japanese partiers for the alcohol connoisseur, and the surrounding neighborhoods you have the Spring Valley brewery for a relatively good craft beer, and a beers in your face just a short taxi ride is the Tokyo whiskey live around this place have the best collection of whiskey in one place that I’ve ever seen in my travels hence the name I guess for those that may not be aware Japan is making a big name for themselves in the world of whiskey, and this is a great place to learn all about it another really unique, and interesting spot is the jbs bar just a short walk from shibuya crossing in here it’s all about the music one man just plays whatever he wants doesn’t speak much, and he might not even let you in if he doesn’t feel like it it’s great away from all the chaos is my favorite bar in all of Tokyo the rock bar my favorite spot in all of Shibuya is a hidden little rock bar called rock in tocopherol it features a tiny little DJ booth great crew of regulars, and some familiar bar games , and just a disclaimer if you end up going here based on this post please respect the atmosphere it’s really something special now let’s talk about the mega clubs of Tokyo something this post wouldn’t be complete without many of the best nightclubs are in the Shibuya area itself like boom Harlem, and Club Camelot.

But you should check online before visiting four hours DJ’s, and cover charges one of my most memorable nights living years was at the top-rated nightclub in Tokyo oggi hop, and to get there you can take the free shuttle directly from Shibuya to an area called shin-kiba ah he has one of Asia’s biggest, and most diverse event spaces it is a massive compound with multiple VIP areas bars food stalls huge dance floors, and even a pool outside on a big night you can party with up to 5,000 people it’s truly a partiers playground last, and certainly not least is the other massive nightlife neighborhood of Shinjuku this is home to Tokyo’s red light district where you’re sure to find something that fulfills all of your wildest fantasies from the relatively normal karaoke bars slot machines, and pay-by-the-hour hotels to full-service massage parlors dominatrix dungeons, and what’s called host clubs where people pay for the accompanying conversation of men or women as you can imagine it’s an intense part of town, and something that could easily suck you in to avoid this head for higher ground in the form of the luxurious hotel park iya which you may recognize as the common ground for Bill, and Scarlett in the feature post lost in translation if this is too high society for you head back down, and into the alleys of golden gai bars anywhere between five, and twenty five people they are tiny about their cozy , and one last completely contrasting night life experience in shinjuku is what anthony bourdain called the greatest show on earth it is the robot restaurant all right tonight’s agenda it’s one of the famous, and most visited attractions here in Tokyo one of the greatest things about nightlife. Because it’s weird, and it’s exciting, and it’s I don’t know what to expect. But here we are robot restaurant we’re going in tonight let’s go see what this is all about what what the main job is about the start okay we got some pretty good seats here we’re on the upper deck with third row go bad tooth out got a beer socket socket beer already got all right stop this is the end of the song we won’t have the time restraint is why.

Because I see is it that robot restaurant was resolutely ridiculous hope you enjoyed as you can see there is a ton of things to do here in Tokyo as far as nightlife goes if you liked the post give it a thumbs up leave a comment comment all that good stuff, and if you ever come to Tokyo enjoy the nightlife it’s weird it’s wonderful it’s awesome.

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