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Tokyo metro map for In both instances, the women were older, irregular practitioners who happened to be met by male monks on the side of the road. Moshan Opens Her Mouth, a case mentioned in some of the transmission of the lamp rec ords as well as a chapter of Dogen’s Trea sury of the True Dharma Eye, features a full- fl edged priestess who gains the upper hand over her male counterparts. While the case of Moshan is an exceedingly rare? and for some of the mainstream classic Zen writings, the only? example of a female who is a properly authorized practitioner, additional lesserknown collections from the period do contain other examples of women clerics and their exploits. Before considering the case involving Moshan, let us fi rst look at another koan, Zhaozhou Recites the Sutras, in which the venerable master seems to be bested by a nonmonastic el der ly female: In the district of Zhaozhou, an old woman sent a message to the master with a donation and a request that he recite the entire collection of Buddhist sutras. Hearing of this, the master stepped down from his seat and walked around the chair one time. Th en he said, I have fi nished reciting the collection of sutras. Th e messenger returned to the old woman and told her what happened with Zhaozhou. Tokyo metro map 2016.

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