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Hey everybody we asked you, and we said what is the number-one thing you want to see in Tokyo, and he all said really first one in Asia okay this is super lame that okay is to go every Disneyland where more than halfway there. But this one’s really cool instantly become happy blasters in Iraq was Paris, and it was Halloween, and the Halloween festivities begin in Disney like five days times that feel like the last time was a year ago wasn’t it yeah year ago do you realize that this is the first Disney you’ve been through just me, and you I think I know whose family America like this Sarah Paris’s plea oh yeah guys there all of us realize we’re in Fantasyland obviously one of the best rides we started a favorite ride in Disneyland if you guys have wanted to choose a Ryan I recommend a Peter Pan it is really cool Space Mountain it’s not the best rider in the fantasy land area if you want food, and drink it’s an Alice in Wonderland themed, and the vending machines are the little teapots from Alice in Wonderland I need a water see you guys this is the issue we went on like a very tame ride in our already cool motion sickness this is why I don’t like spaceman are you going to go on Smackdown.

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Today’s ride Peter Pan is like once you ordered it steams sorry cool see the Haunted Mansion has a not my before Christmas theme too scary for you Oh guys welcome to Tomorrowland guess my let me get on the roller coaster that’s okay there’s a fun some lilo stitch right here we’re gonna walk around see if we can find a different camera around yes guys we’re looking for a little snack at Tomorrowland Terrace, and look at this there bond to the shape of Mickey Mouse ears, and they’re nuggets of the shape of Mickey Mouse ears as well this just looks. So unbelievably healthy first snack in the day melon flavored syrup it’s a lifesaver what’s a melon flavored sugar taste like no not a fan it tastes like green fruit loops I really yeah it was the last time yet next ride guys who’ve just come down to toontown I remember seeing this last time fly I wish the hex of vegetarians up. Because the pizza is so cool even the burger buns that they’ve decided to make food is so cool yeah we’re on the hunt for something vegetarian some spring roll we found something guys of all the time we’ve been to Disneyland we never realized that you can go inside of Cinderella’s castle didn’t be like this let’s go check it out this is my type of wait time Cinderella’s got that Prince Charming it gets an elevator in that castle we’ve made it to Western land they go to the next everyone is going to exact same thing if they’ve come together cute cute Zootopia cute keep thinking cute triple combo Q ultimate combo guys the Japanese people already.

So polite, and cute now imagine working at Disneyland up in Japanese it is just, I’m sorry cute by the way guys if Sakura got beat someone we knew you trolls were allowed to comment saying where’s the coffee shop for today’s love they just realized that the snack to ride ratio is increasing we did two rides one snack now it’s like for snacks one ride when was the last time we ride on a ride let me take a break real quick duggie face leg leg posted on instagram right oh it’s my favorite someone’s worked herself up an appetite from getting too excited from the parade actually got a train that means mike wazowski melon head today.

But we’ve never done that what have you got there I think this is the realest thing we’re trying today it is melon flavored fun. But what is it listen Mike was asking head there’s green enzyme one thing the Japanese are really good at is taking that selfies they all set up their phone, and take their own selfies in front of the costume Jess’s choice the Jungle Cruise pirates Oh kevie drink up me hearties yo ho we realize we have a little bit more time. So I using proxy minutes all righty guys we have to go, and find the best spot for the night parade I love the parade so much, and then after that visit my there’s the lights show on the club yeah like the event I love the end of the night guys. Because the wind is picked up the canceling the fireworks. So we’re gonna go ride animal rights the motion sickness is real has been arrived that we’ve had our eye on for the entire day its head double the wait time then Space Mountain, and we’ve waited too hard to the brady jungle it’s the Winnie the Pooh right, and we only had to wait ten minutes instead of two hours I don’t know why. So is the most popular ride here okay that is now our favorite ride of the day little.

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