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Hey everybody, and welcome back to Tokyo it’s our last day in Japan, and to spend our last day in Japan you guys know how big Disney fans we are, and last time we were in Japan we went to Tokyo Disneyland the one is Magic Kingdom best time of our life, and then we realized that a lot of you left some comments on our posts, and you guys said we went to the wrong one.

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So today we’re going to Disney see we don’t even know anything about it never been to this resort employee the only one the only one in the world. So this should be a fun day. So Disney see is a bit further away than Disneyland. So we get to catch this love all the windows the Mickey Mouse ears welcome to Disney see in Tokyo everybody we need to find a map all right I don’t know anything about this plug-in if I know one right there are what there is I like Universal Studios to be honest Lauren yeah. Because you got look the churches over there first things first before even go inside going for the hands this time last time we had the little wizards have are you okay with you I notice like my beanie was so what everyone diplomats always said it’s my Mickey Mouse beanie. So secretly we can ask me okay alright if you’ve got it that okay what Walter they have port discovery American waterfront Mediterranean Harbor mysterious island.

So that’s like the centerpiece your Magic Kingdom. So it’s a volcano instead mermaid lagoon looks cool Arabian coast. So we are here do you just want to go right, and work our way around. So we’ll start off in Mediterranean Harbor. So that must be where we thought florence’s good military in harbor see what rides we can see yeah outside of America it’s in the local language. So they’re just singing the volcano is huge, and I think there’s a roller coaster are you gonna be up for that later. So this theme parks inspired by the Seas I think that’s gonna relive like ocean, and sea time ride that is really cool having this massive pond here in the middle of the park it’s story ready to fire.

So this is Mediterranean Harbor I was looking on the maps, and it looks like it’s mainly shops, and a lot of Italian restaurants which I think will come for lunch. Because there’s a good five pizza place that sounds great. But the main rides here I like water IDEs. So they have a Venetian gondola. So to be like in Venice on the gondolas. So I think we’ll go do that the literally celebrities when they come call me. So you found Venice, and I think that is where we jump on the gun was that’s right scary one sometimes I feel like like I really don’t belong here, I’m supposed to be someplace else.

So currently at mysterious island submarine oh yeah inside the volcano at the moment I don’t think I think. So yeah definitely Oh going into the depths of the volcano I think that’s the submarine yeah Wow here we go I was so cool the fall ride was under the water he done the Nemo ride it’s pretty similar to that we’re now walking into the Lost River Delta which is meant to be like beachy ruins in Central America oh there’s a plane that’s crashed over here, I’m glad Aztec ruins up there as well if I try roller coasters here we’re just checking out times, and grabbing fast passes, and stuff you know the drill we’re trying a little bit of a trick that have like a single line like single riders priority line we’re just skipping to everyone right now. So we’re going to see from it alert friendly to have to ride separately. But if it means we know more rides Missy first of all that was such a fun ride is like pitch black though you couldn’t really feel brenton rods I think we just found a Disney hack we never thought about. So every single horse, and rider at the moment is 70 minutes and. So Stephen are like fine let’s line up that 70 minutes for the Indiana Jones Jones right, and then we saw this sign going single riders like if you want to go single instead to 70 minutes it took five minutes, and we’re on the ride we just couldn’t sit on the same car – yeah she just went on one then I went on the other one, and then we came out literally at the exact same time we’re gonna try it again cuz there was a Brad we wanted to do his back what was that Journey to the Center of the Earth.

But it was another 17 minute wait awesome that was such a fun ride. So good to have it go under all the pacer animated friend Disney Travel Pack confirmed. So journey to the center earth didn’t have. So lowriders he’s got fast passes seven o’clock tonight. But there’s loop-d-loop which I don’t want to go on good, I’m not good at loop you, and house 17 minute wait, and the other one had 17 window wait sweeper has just saved in two colors with way, and it was like Bayley you were right Ariel does slip at Disneyworld, and we saw her that’s what Ariel lives we’ve come back to Italy to get some wood fired pizza oh wow the restaurants here Disneyworld are so fancy guys would buy pizza keep cutting she’s speaking fluent Japanese, and I can’t understand a thing she’s handing me this is that okay yeah you can call it she’s trusted me with the pizza cutter, I’m glad in Italy section yes I just love her with a fancy restaurant. But people here have got dignity Mouse ears yeah cuz the fanciest thing I’ve ever seen at Disneyworld before sir a suit, and a like three-course meal I can show you the Marines her sideways, and under magic alrighty next up the Aladdin land let’s go to a waterless ambassador members story you can stay with us it won’t deal with a girl if you guys come to Japan in wins they go on the Sinbad ride it is so true ste in there just saw the genie showed the Arabian Nights, and I think the best thing about Disney is in the rise with the attraction its business that was so good it was really good even better than yeah cause it’s like 3d glasses interactive this one I want to do while we’re in the air a depreciation, and that’s defined Korean popcorn. Because without little ice toys for curry powder my idea yes, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen curry pot for being salt. So on some my childhood childhood it smells really good to be honest yes I can’t I love it it smells more than the taste it tastes. So good you guys cook curry powder, and it popcorn it’s great by the way who invited these clouds it was so dark as well. But you can go away please. Because we don’t have umbrellas I don’t think anyone in the park is umbrellas face planting the popcorn all right you can’t support discovery is a couple right here one going the first one is the Nemo ride come on to the Aquatica ride is like bumper cars.

But in the water we made it to the last land America land it’s very cold guys this is the only ride we can’t go on. Because they don’t do single riders it’s a 90-minute wait 19 minute I don’t know if I can finish. So everyone’s come down literally like by the time we’re on that ride the place will be closed guys we got these at 12 o’clock it’s not 7:30 we could finally use our father passes final ride of the night another one inside the volcano Journey to the Center of the Earth okay goodbye Disney there’s only two left, and we beat them all Hongkong, and Shanghai I’d even know when we’ll be going to those we’ll see you guys back at the apartment see you back in Perth oh I’ve missed my parents home decor we’re home we’re back in Perth ending this really quickly if you’re new here please hit comment, and give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this, and also leave a comment below on what was your favourite bit of the entire Tokyo series okay exciting to bring some more.

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