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CALLINICUS I, patriarch. Patriarch of Constantinople 693 705, was first presbyter and skeuophylax of the Church of St. Mary in Blachernae, Constantinople, then succeeded Paul III in the patriarchal see Niceph., Chronogr. brev. 68 f., PG 100, 1048 cd, cf. Theoph., Chron. A.M. 6186, PG 108, 744. He opposed Justinian II’s 685 695 and 705 711 violence and oppression against his subjects and the church; e.g., he refused to compose a prayer for the demolition of a church on whose site the emperor wished to and did build a fountain and a headquarters for the Blue party Theoph., Chron. A.M. 6185, PG 108, 748 ab. The emperor seems to have decided to rid himself of his patriarch violently, so Callinicus took part in Leontius’s plot and uprising which led to the fall of Justinian, who was mutilated and exiled to Chersona 695; Niceph., De rebus post Maur. Togo Metro Map gestis, PG 100, 937-940; Theoph., Chron. A.M. 6187, PG 108, 750ff.. But when Justinian regained the empire in 705, he had Callinicus blinded and exiled to Rome, where he died Niceph., De rebus post Maur. gestis PG 100, 944 c; Theoph., Chron. A.M. 6198, PG 108, 760 c. Basil II’s Menologion adds that he died walled up alive in a vaulted room PG 117, 600 cd; the anonymous 10th-c. menologion relates rather that the patriarch was found alive after 40 days and lived for another four days, and that the pope, after an apparition of the apostles, had Callinicus buried in St. Peter’s Latyshev, Menol. Anon. Byz. II, St. Petersburg 1912, 339-341. The Greeks venerate him as a saint memoria 23 August. AASS Aug. IV, 645-647; BHG n. 288 f.; DHGE 11, 415; FlicheMartin, Storia d. Ch. V, 241-242; LTK 5, 1262; BS 3, 673-675.

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