Ticking off Australias Biggest Bucket List Destination Uluru

Hey everybody, and what factors did the airport it was a really quick way over here much leaving, and final two or if they never be huge Australian buckle is not, and being checked off, I’m excited to show you guys, and bring your box. Because good thank you stance on your land thank you welcome to as rock everyone we got to see it on the drive in, and that was absolutely amazing I cannot wait to show you up close the red in this place is amazing that would such a fun arrival thank you so much Cheers all right guys you just arrived at our hotel we’re saying it sails in the desert, and it is so nicely we have like 10 minutes into your lunch we’ve just started meeting everyone, and finding out our itinerary, and it sounds like it’s going to be such an awesome three days, I’ll quickly give you guys over, and tour before you go to lunch. So they’ve given us two giant bed.

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So uh that’s going to be a fun night let’s push them together, and we get like an ultimate bed, and then we have a balcony out here a view of the pool, and we’re literally like in the outback guys there’s nothing around. But this hotel which is so cool, and we’ve got like some Aboriginal art work on the walls just to add to the vibes, and then we’ve got a double vanity with a bar a shell yes this is what I was saying it’s a little fun pocket yeah I did have a sneak peek bottle of champagne, and a bottle of what uh okay yeah we are I removed it I removed if a student hang on hang on okay there we go look I thought it was the room key come out of our room straight into the desert. So cool. So cool yeah. So beautiful organize a buffet for us the restaurant looks really cool sounds excited confer who heading off to our first activity of the day we’re going to hear some stories from one of the locals here through dot painting, and then we’re going to get to do some ourselves which is pretty good kind of feel like we’re back in high school we’ve got an art project West to tell a story through the dog paintings I think, I’m going to tell story the four days it took to get here from the melodies guys this is my finished masterpiece if you guys didn’t know it as rock is known for having a lot of indigenous australians finding this place like very sacred, and one of the ways they do art is by dot painting. So we were learning drop painting today by an indigenous australian, and this is my finished product we have to show how we got here, and as you guys know we had a crazy trip.

So this is the Modi’s, and then I flew to KL then I flew to Perth I made Perth bigger cuz it’s my home we flew to Sydney, and then this is us in all the room, and that’s all the people that we are with sitting around all the Rupert yes this is my this is my finished piece thank you alright we just finished up top painting my masterwork it wasn’t wasn’t it good oh really some of the other people had way better stuff, and after I reintroduce you guys we have a lot more team in Sydney before the time I met Jose, and I think I should not use a lot of time we man Matt yo it’s actually Matt Jones, I’m originally from Belgium Antwerp right here a lot of people call me Metro West for some reason I didn’t really is killin it why or met Jose that turn on post notifications for these guys also with the exhaustion of all the traveling I forgot my laptop charger. So, I’m gonna go track someone down, and see if I can borrow their charger see not not are you decent you are amazing who comes to this, and can’t charge their laptop you’re posting quickly come back travel room if you guys didn’t notice if you come to the desert it’s quiet it’s all sort of thing yep if you guys didn’t know then when you come to the desert it is quite warm in the middle of the day. But at night the temperature just drops I think tonight we eight degrees from crimson growing our jackets the bus is already here, and we are going to a very special event it is called the field of lights I’ve seen photos, and it looks incredible this is the second year they’ve done it starts tonight there are so many people here to see it, and we’re going now how excited are you.

So excited, and it’s not first time probably seeing all the room oh yeah yeah alright look at it guys Oh first look at the red dirt decided to bring white shoes hey, I’m not going to be wide at the end of the yeah we just arrived at the field of life will tell you more about it it’s going to be good thank you so much Cheers there it is Steve we are going to be getting closer my hand is currently occupied zircons lumen cheese guys oh yeah you swing back home yeah away to come back home literally get home, and we like the most iconic cloud of Tralee right now in the middle of the dentist’s it’s really cool you that is an Australian sunset right there, and as being across onto all such a special moment to be here some field of lights which is this is like the second time it’s running when I saw it last year I was like I need to make this happen for next year. So glad we’re here for this the rock is just changing colors as we speak it was like light orange brown, and then an amazing maroon red the Sun is just setting behind us I was taking this all in it’s so beautiful try the scent of the sea if it is you’re seriously where every time I say it’s right, and then everyone comments going that orange with this guy it’s red, and that’s how jacket already shot people one legged by this is Jack Jesus grammars do you travel amazing amazing Instagram before gets too dark let me show you they are slowly starting the switch on you just have a look these lights here first of switching on, and then all that field will Forge on just in front of all it’s going to be. So beautiful when it does switch on it’s started guys we’ve just come down, and we’re currently surrounded by all different colored lines it looks like like a little fairy land like cool this is lighting up beautiful, and then we’ve got all our just over there. But I feel like the attention should now be on these lights beautiful I need this be grayed out I can’t even see how far they go they just come up with this sorry why can’t I view this is a festival I’d recommend anyone to come see I can’t describe it guys how perfect is this that we have think it’s a full moon just find Jess look.

So I set it on purpose true just got back to our room, and we got field of light I think it’s candles God we’ve got sort of light in a box open up Oh these actually look really really nice oh my gosh I can already smell it I think it’s Oh smell that Steve it’s like lemongrass if your favorite scent promoting your Thailand is it looks very nice all right we need to fix this all I got is gonna be happy yeah Matt I bet you didn’t even think to put the two beds together. But we’ll see you guys in six hours, I’m around.

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