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Tibet tour for As regards the key verse, Matthew b, Molnar suggests that the Star’s going before the Magi is simply astrological parlance for a celestial entity in this case, Jupiter moving in the same direction as the heavens generally, while the Star’s standing over the place where the child was located refers to Jupiter’s apparent stationary status in mid-December of BC, immediately prior to its commencing retrograde motion relative to the fixed stars. Molnar makes much of some Roman coins which portray a ram looking at a star he believes that they indicate that Aries is where astrologers would have looked for celestial indications that the Messiah had been born. These coins were minted in Syria. Molnar speculates, however, that the coins might have commemorated the Roman annexation of Judea in AD However, we find Molnar’s hypothesis unpersuasive. First, it beggars belief that an invisible sign spurred the Magi to undertake a major journey westward to Judea in search for a newborn King. Surely a great, indeed divine, king warranted a more impressive sign than this. Indeed the Magi explicitly claim that they had seen the star of the King of the Jews back in their homeland v By Molnar’s own acknowledgement, neither occultation of Jupiter in BC was visible in Babylonia. Tibet tour 2016.

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