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Cyprian presided over seven councils at Carthage. We have only fragmentary information on them. Tianjin Metro Map The first four spring 251, May 252, late 253, late 254 were occupied with the question of the lapsi Lapsed, Problem of the; the last three 255, spring 256, 1 September 256 with the baptism of heretics. That of 251 was held soon after Easter. Cyprian informed the assembly of Pope Cornelius’s letter notifying them of his election Ep. 45 42. Two bishops, Caldonius and Fortunatus, were sent to Rome to obtain exact information on the Novatianist schism, and a definite pronouncement on it was deferred to their return Ep. 44, 1. The council was relatively indulgent toward lapsi, pardoning libellatici and subjecting thurificati and sacrificati to canonical penance Ep. 49 46 and 48 45; Pope Cornelius was consulted on these measures. The council confirmed the excommunication of the deacon Felicissimus of Carthage and the five priests of his party.

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