This spot is really a music venue, I know, but it also offers some of the most delicious and interesting cocktails that you can get on Frenchmen, a street more focused on high-caliber tunes than drinks. On my last visit here, I went with my friend Mark, a transplant from New York who has lived in New Orleans on and off for the last ten years. We went for one drink and stayed for three. He noted that everything he loves about New Orleans is here in Three Muses: good food, good drinks and good music. When you step back and critically assess the space, you realize it’s a pretty bare room, though it doesn’t feel that way at all. Instead, it feels, well, beautiful. Lovely black and white photographs of musicians adorn the walls, attesting to the club’s musical focus. I asked Mark to imagine what the room would feel like if a band wasn’t playing here, and he aptly observed that you can’t remove them. The jazz musicians are an integral part of tonight’s scene, framed as they are by a large picture window against the street. I wish that the area dedicated to drinking, the bar itself, were bigger, so that more drinkers could enjoy the gorgeous drinks produced under the eagle eye of Kimberly Patton Bragg. I have followed “KPB” from bar to bar across the city, and I remain constantly impressed by her creativity and talent. The Champagne Supernova was a tingly, bubbly standout; Mark had three, and after I sampled the Here Without Me (also good but better for winter), I joined him. The grapefruit/champagne/Lillet concoction was refreshing after tromping down Frenchmen in the heat. When you go to Three Muses, the bar will probably be crowded. Be persistent. Order your drink and hang out until one of the seats becomes available. Or better yet, go early and plant yourself at the bar to enjoy New Orleans’s holy trinity of music, drinks, and beauty.

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