Hey guys I don’t even know where to stop with this post you can explain it the worst thing has just happened our hard drive with all our posts from the past seven months all our photos, and pass every month I stopped working which it’s now being an hour since it stopped working.


So we have calmed down a bit the worst thing that can happen which means the last post that we had access to was days which means that the rest of the last thing we can’t do. But we’re gonna go to a recovery place when we go like when we leave Costa Rica isn’t reason knowing me. So all the Alaska stuff’s gone five days in Utah’s gone the last footage I had I can start editing is us leaving Utah it flying daily photos here the early photos we have now photos we took in Alaska, and Utah. Because they were on my computer we’ve lost all the photos from. So many places we went to really sucks its, I’ll show you guys what happens for me try, and plug it in just to see oh just to show you guys really frustrating especially goes-r in Costa Rica at the moment. So there’s no place like no hard drive recovery place around that we can just go to, and see if it it’s fixed as who’s stuck like I don’t know what to do about it guys always back up your stuff never put things on one hard drive I just happy everything that could go wrong I meet him I have a headache what do you ain’t fine if we weren’t. So behind on the posts yeah.

But we are like we’ve actually lost two days of our lives now that we wanted to keep, and our goal was to daily post for the whole year. But now about, I’ll show you sorry see how it’s flushing, and even if we can hear the sound, and it’s like not even coming up on our it’s not even coming up on our laptop like it’s not even being recognized. So we’re hoping that we can get a fix at a recovery place, and if it does we’re gonna put up all the rest of the posts from Alaska it just means that cool discussing it, and we’re like well we’re not going to stop postging until we get it fixed. So we’re gonna do is put day one of Costa Rica, and start putting Costa Rica up, and we’re just gonna have to leave the last few days of lasted for the moment until we get it recovered. So there’s 12 days 12 days where we were needed to put up, and it’s all on that hard drive, and I hasn’t been edited or anything it was just all the raw footage all the photos, I’m just. So glad that I had the Alaska photos on my computer safe. But like all that photos from Hawaii, and Canada, and everything is all gone the only photos we have no the photos we put up on the blog.

So, I’m really hoping we can get this recovered, and fixed. So um lesson is always back up your stuff actually talking this out over feels upset it’s amazing at the beginning that’s familiar that’s it yeah well we’re talking about with everyone’s then, I’m we’re just gonna upload this now. So you guys can know what’s going on, and then tomorrow will be a Chris Jericho post up, and then hopefully when we leave Costa Rica in two weeks we can get it recovered, and keep going with the Alaska stuff. Because we still had six days list of Alaska, and it was like my favorite trip we’ve ever done, and I really want to put it on like I really want that footage anyways we’ll see you tomorrow one good thing is we’re now up to take the box yeah we’re now to date. But yeah we’ll see what happens well you guys know what happens after Costa Rica thanks guys. So sorry I know I spy.

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