The Worst Thing That Happened To Me in Egypt

Well here I am by the pyramids again the day has come I am leaving Egypt I have been here for two months now, and I can’t even describe how much I have loved loved being here I can’t believe, I’m leaving didn’t even seem real no one say I want to say how much hi guys today this is going to be a post that I felt like it was really important for me to make, and that I have had on my mind for a little while when I told people that I was going to be traveling all around Egypt for one month alone a lot of them were very concerned, and they told me how unsafe Egypt was, and that terrible things would happen to me there they told me that women should not travel to Egypt, and they certainly shouldn’t travel there alone they told me that if I did have to go I should try not to ever leave my hotel except on a tour they told me not to speak to or trust anyone there was just one problem though none of these people had ever actually been to Egypt the worst thing that happened to me in Egypt was that I had to leave a really popular question that people have been asking these lately would be is Egypt safe I do have to say that sadly bad things do happen anywhere, and everywhere in the world Las Vegas London these places are not really locations that if you told your friends you’re going there that they would be giving you all of these warnings, and telling you that you shouldn’t travel there don’t travel there as a woman, and yet bad things do happen when there is something that happens in Egypt it does get a ton of negative attention just.

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Because it is Egypt, and this happens with other countries too it’s kind of miss proportionate in what the media portrays this really is not a political post at all or I don’t know anything against media or anything like that. But I do just want to say that no one is making news stories about how Carroll, and John go to Egypt, and have an amazing trip we never hear the good news we only hear the bad news sadly terrible things are happening all around us in the world today these things should not keep you from living your life, and from exploring, and enjoying just how amazing this world is. Because you really never know what is gonna happen this is all within reason obviously there are parts of the world that are very unstable, and unsafe at the moment. But I personally do not feel like Egypt falls into that category of course I can only share my own experiences I am talking about what I felt, and saw for myself in Egypt I was there for two months, and I was traveling by myself solo female traveler I am like a hundred pounds, and five foot five, and I never felt unsafe really, I’m trying to think of a time that I felt unsafe did you ever then the answer would be no I went all over Egypt who can night trains overnight buses walked alone at night downtown areas lighted areas I just felt safe I I don’t know if there’s really. So many examples to give you. Because I can only give you examples of what didn’t happen a lot of you guys asked about being a female traveler in Egypt, and especially being a solo female traveler how can that be safe what was it like I will say that when I went to Egypt especially when I first got there for some reason there was a lot of catcalling they should not call you it is really not good of them to do, and I don’t want to underplay that. But they are essentially harmless all they’re gonna do is use words you just ignore them just keep on walking now guys lately I have been seeing some comments on posts that aren’t even about this.

But I have not seen some comments lately that I would consider slurs I guess I know that the comments section can get kind of crazy sometimes, and I don’t get to read all of my comments. But I have been seeing some that basically say that the culture of the Middle East in general is a culture that assaults women, and whenever I see this it really upsets me this is a problem it is a terrible thing for a person to do, and it is by no means unique to a certain country or region or religion or race that is simply ridiculous there are a lot of these things that sadly happen in the US, and I think like most if not almost all women I have had these things happen to me, and sadly it’s something in our world today that still happens to women I have had to deal with these things before being followed being made to feel very uncomfortable very unsafe being more than that it’s happened, and yet all of these instances happen to me in the u.s. not in Egypt none in other places that I visited that people told me we’re dangerous or that every woman that goes there it’s a culture where they disrespect women it’s a culture where they assault in it no people assault people it’s not Arabs assault foreigners or foreigners do this or Egypt its people people all over the world have the power to choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing, and everywhere in the world there are going to be people that choose to do more of the wrong thing or more of the right thing, and that’s human nature, and it is not any more pronounced in Egypt than it is in any country in coming to Egypt a lot of people told me not to speak to anyone not to trust anyone, and they would always say especially men don’t engage them in conversation don’t trust them do not speak to any man just as a little contact with Egyptian men as possible it’s just extremely over-the-top I mean a ton of friends while I was in Egypt men, and women, and it was fine I got a bad feeling from anyone even if I didn’t really know what it was then I would just not talk to them it’s just the same as anywhere else in the world there’s a good chance that if a man is approaching a girl that he does maybe want to ask her out. But it’s really not doesn’t make him a monster I think that the reason that people say this about the Egyptian people is number one the cat calling it’s probably gonna happen, and it’s annoying. But just try, and move on, and walk away the number two reason that I think people might have this idea, and say oh you can’t trust anyone is that there is going to be a lot of the hassling you going on in Egypt, and people just basically trying to get you to buy their things some more aggressive than others again this is not dangerous this happens anywhere there are people that are gonna be haggling you in New York City on the streets of Manhattan if you don’t want to buy the things then just move on that kind of brings me to another point maybe why people would say oh don’t trust anyone in Egypt is. Because there are some scams going on in Egypt, and I feel like it keeps saying this disclaimer everywhere in this post.

But guys there’s scammers everywhere in the world everywhere you’re gonna go get into a taxi, and oh yeah yeah meter yeah it’s on yeah don’t worry you get there the meters been turned off well you said me know it’s broken now 50 to ride the camel you ride the camel you get off the camel given 50 Egyptian pounds no fifty US obviously the price of a camel is not $50 u.s. and you know that, and he knows that. But this is a scam on story short there are things you have to watch out for, and there are a lot of people in Egypt that are trying to hustle you for money, and sometimes in dishonest ways. So these things happen, and I just wanted to give you guys few examples, and I know just use your common sense. But I wouldn’t say that any of these things make Egypt unsafe oh the taxi tried to overcharge me Wow that happens everywhere actually one of my favorite parts about Egypt was the people they are just. So welcoming, and friendly, and hospitable, and I just made.

So many friends in Egypt, and it was amazing to all of you guys that sent me messages, and emails saying if you have any any problems at all call this number call my mom’s number people that I don’t even know, and that’s just from you guys now I want to thank you guys my Egyptian commentrs in particular. Because wow you guys are amazing all of the messages giving me tips about where to go call my mom have dinner with my mom just saying nothing other than welcome to Egypt you are a big part of why I love your beautiful country, and I just want to say such a big thank you to you guys, and it really really meant something to me. So guys that is the post today, and I hope that I answered this question that just seems to be revolving around everywhere lately is Egypt safe if I missed anything then just let me know down in the comments, I’m gonna try to be really active in the comments on these kind of like talking advice posts, and yeah I hope that this helps I am sorry that it’s kind of a clickbait title there sorry. But I do feel like it was an important post for me to make, and it was one that pretty early on traveling in Egypt I had this idea that I really wanted to say something about this. Because as I said I was nervous to go. Because of all these things that I heard, and pretty early on by the time I got a sense of the country I was just wondering like where does this even come from people have such misinformation such a distorted sense of this beautiful beautiful country, and these amazing friendly people, and it was just something that I really really wanted to talk about hope that you enjoyed you found it helpful or interesting let me know any thoughts down in the comments, and I will see you again very soon thank you for reading back.

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