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6 Conduit St, W1 This funky boutique showcasing hot talent such as Boudicca and Peter Jensen reputedly attracts fashionista Kate Moss. p67 On Thursdays, London’s hottest young designers display their latest creations at Spitalfields Market see pi6i. Sniff outsome beautifully crafted garments at preview prices. A. Goldrandom notes: geographer-at-large:

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In the first years of life when all goes well, children develop trust, autonomy, and initiative. In the elementary school years, children attend school and are industrious and productive. In adolescence, children incorporate sexuality into their expanding sense of self and develop a sense of identity a feeling of sameness and continuity of self that is a central concept in Erikson’s scheme. Individuals also incorporate society’s views of who they are as men, women, and members of particul ar religions and ethnic groups. Individuals need to have their identities validated by their parents and society; otherwise, they remain confused, uncertain of who they are and where they are heading.

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