The Wells gastropub London Open lunch & dinner daily Enjoy the views of leafy Hampstead from the spacious, streamlined first-floor restaurant of this pub, while you savour the menu of well-honed comfort food -rich, calorie-packed and utterly irresistible. For a blow-out, try the classic Chateaubriand with thrice-cooked chips, followed by custard tart.

The Wells gastropub London Photo Gallery

Observation of behavior alone is enough to stimulate imitation. Children on holiday are most likely to imitate models who are warm, nurturing, and powerful. In extreme circumstances when there is no model of warmth to copy, children will imitate a hostile, cold model. Social learning theorists like Albert Bandura focus on the active nature of the learner who chooses goals to pursue and reflects on performance. In understanding the process of learning, the learner’s thoughts and interpretations of the environment are as important as environmental rewards and punishments.

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