The Weirdest Cafes in Tokyo

Hey guys today, I’m gonna head out a little bit of an adventure I have no idea what to expect. But let’s go explore some of the weirdest, and most interesting cafes here in Tokyo something I’ve heard so much about before I arrived.

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So today, I’m gonna go meet up with a couple of travel friends, and see these things firsthand let’s go let’s kick things off at the most famous quirky cafe in Tokyo the cat cafe jam cafe goes beyond me eight four let’s go check it out when we enter into the eighth floor of this unsuspecting office building we’re told to take our shoes off immediately wash our hands, and listen to the house rule once we’ve agreed to the rules were given a key to a locker to store our stuff, and a few necessary cat accessory from there we follow the paws up the stairs to the main attraction just a ton of cat for hanging out I couldn’t believe how many cats were actually there I’ve really liked the concept of enjoying a pet without all the responsibilities you can come, and go as you please you don’t have to feed them or clean up their poop these are the same reasons why I love being an uncle what do you think about this place What’s Wrong Nora walk no chicken what do you think that’s experience in children, and after you see all the cats, and you come down here, and you get drink oh it’s nice from the cat cafe we headed over to Harajuku for a real hoot all right next up on the list of weirdest cafes is the owl cafe following up the cat cafe somewhere in this plaza area just got to find out how to get in before this is all very well everyone welcome except at just a little counter here we got our memorabilia all beer little tea area here Oh. So that was you have to make a reservation ahead of time. But I don’t know if I’d want to put all that effort into making a reservation it was a little underwhelming compared to the cat a little underwhelming. So cool you’re in the owl there wasn’t much of a cafe scene you’re just a glass off area where you go, and you can touch the aisles, and learn about the Owls. So we just looked from the outside. Because we didn’t have a reservation. But it’s a good spot not as good as the cats in my opinion well the third place we’re going to should be awesome all right a little bonus here.

Because we’re so underwhelmed by the owl cafe we came to this cafe on our way to our third spot we randomly pass by Harry red John’s cafe, and we had to check it out yeah looks like actually by the Hedgehog’s here the hedgehog cafe was the most laid-back of the three animal encounters we were given a small feeding area surrounding, and like the trough full of hedgehog to observe that, and play with the most interesting part of this experience with that we can feed them their lunch here take a look, and just like the first two cafes coffee cafe, and elect itself is really more of a side milk strawberry latte they’re doing strawberry latte. But you can still get vending machine coffee tea, and soft drink with your entrance price alright Hedgehog cafe what are you ready you guys like your cat Center, I’m team Hedgehog I thought that was really great got the whole dome there’s a big guy that we could hold first class kids go baby, and they live. But you can pee these mealworms or whatever worms they were called I loved it I think for me just wakes up. But we have one more trip, and this is going to be a trip this is going to be real interesting let’s go there right now oh look there they are made dreamin this domaine cat bed go check it out, and then we entered into a parallel universe where japanese women dresses made refer to you as master, and all the food is shaped like little cute teddy bears I think it’s best try not to make sense of it all or even justify why we’re there you just got to sit back, and enjoy the entertainment alcohol definitely helped oh it’s your birthday there’s no better place to be happy birthday happy birthday master clinches how great is that this might be the greatest place I’ve ever been to in my entire life who gets to go over together girl oh my god, I’m in the ending in topic cat cat play. But that blew it out of the water that was a crazy crazy period I think you thank you for all as we look the same right in there for a long time what’d you think of that van thought all right I just left my friends Tory, and Clint that was a weird, and wonderful day the cafes here are interesting to say the least there’s a million more with different themes. But those were some of the highlights those are some of the things that I found that we’re really intriguing not sure I think the made one was my favorite definitely the Hedgehog was a highlight olives were a little underwhelming cats are classic that’s it you guys never come to Tokyo you gotta check them out good night.

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