The Trick to Saving for Travel

Hey guys Hey it has been six days since Stephen, and I have had our wisdom teeth out which means it has been six days since we have left the house. So Steve, and I are going up today, I’m so excited in some days, I’m just. So excited to go, and do something I think my Spelling’s pretty much all gone Stephens still us a little bit of swelling. Because I think his surgery was definitely a little bit more hardcore than me.

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So Billy is still in the pit charts probably for a few more days and, I’m 10 7 making scrambled eggs for breakfast every single day we’re currently now obsessed with crumbled eggs mmm yummy before we go out today we have decided that everything was Sunday we’re going to start hopefully every single Sunday we are going to start doing live streams on. Because we want to start talking to you guys a little bit more like in the moment I think like a really cool feature that we really should be a part of we have done one before, and I think one really well there was quite a few of you guys came on, and we had like a good talk, I’m going to try, and do those we’re going to do one in about half now. So compromise a breakfast, and then after the livestream we’re leaving this house Stephens hardly feeling sorry for himself sorry for my phone. Because what do you mean you do today you’re making a go what are you making I don’t know, and do all of them joking mmm what do you want to get a little thing what do you want to get oh you want to waste your money on my hasn’t been laid off well sounds like the cops gonna break I think is I headed over oh my gosh guys we just went.

And got a cheeky little coffee from a good old course Express our favorite cafe in Perth we literally just got off a one, and a half hour livestream I don’t know how we talked that long my stitches in my wisdom teeth are currently hurting we just cranked up a little bit of fun at all, and now we are heading to the shops also I wanted to say a big thank you to Heather, and Douglas. Because Stephen, and Curran was of course supercharged super chat, and they paid for our coffee today. So thank you so much you guys you literally made me tear up I didn’t even know it was a thing until I popped up, and all that what is that the Stephen has explained it to me that is amazing super chat was on you don’t pay for a cold coffee thank you so much not me poor feel. So do you guys that is so nice we’re now heading to shops and, I’m just excited to be out in the house, I’m just. So so it’s just. So nice guys we realized the camera house in Leederville isn’t open on Sundays which finger will is silly. So we’re just coming up to the shops to just do some clothes shopping for the honeymoon here we can find some lenders in Davie though they my early okay we won’t them in a wide angle, and a portrait length. So we need a UH pearl, and we have one leg we can’t leave a one length life is a disaster, and our power blends now as I switch to a new portrait we like that yeah it looks nice I mean of course Isis, and life back no I know I mean I want exposure I think I quick story time when I got myself a little bit of a present which is sorted before, and two things one is when I like to work I generally work for like a long period of time it’s almost like to work hard play hard things is waiting waiting waiting Wi-Fi stairs foot work hard yes play hard yes I like work all day. So like sometimes ten eleven hours, and then I just have to switch off, and what I really like to do is I know I just love playing games it’s like my favorite hobby to do once like I can just work it’s always like I prefer to play games, and sometimes watch movies and. Because of course we are gone pretty much most of the year at least six seven months of the year I sometimes come home from trips, and then, I’ll just binge play games kind of like how people would binge Netley.

So, I’m really excited. Because I love technology. But the peak of new technology has to be when a new post game console came up, and you guys might have known, I’m sure you guys gonna love it this switch came out the new Nintendo comfortable, and also excited we literally left a week before I came out on a Southeast Asia trip. So like no I couldn’t pick up before we go, and the second thing is you guys are probably like why are you wasting your money on these type of things is. Because I have saved up for this most the money is not all the money we make from flying this we invest back inside travels or camera gear. But this little thing I had a little savings envelope which I don’t even as you guys can see it’s my life Nintendo switch saving money, and I either got from like this science of things are putting some pocket money aside. Because I think that we recommend if you guys want to travel.

Because everyone asked how do you travel so much is we save so much we do this thing for like $50 week rule which is super easy to save. Because if you today your own like $500 a week, and you put $50 away hello something that’s how we save money if you spend $50 a week, and you put everything else away for savings you can save a lot for travel it’s what we did we’ve done. So many times when we phileo, and now, I’m still doing now 10 slots for me taking me like three months to save up for this is what you did it I did it finally, and it was rather like convince me that I want to play with my entry point oh yeah. But not even on the game you bought there’s a game that I have on here which we can play through player, I’ll show you like okay it was like imagine that we should go get it, and then we’ll be on the place, and then you would have to like play games playing Mario Kart together I do like Mario Kart ahh oh my gosh the control, and a story small I like three nothing about this, and the cool thing is about this is these can be controls that were playing Mario Kart Wii, and we would leave it on there, and you can like set this up I think there’s a thing will happen to play, and all I need is the Mario games okay we’ll get to Mario Kart thank you by the way guys we could go, and try, and find the limbs that we wanted, and though we still sold it, and I mean like a plane wasn’t very good, and the camera store with the most likelihood Adobe lens is closed on Sundays. So we’re going to have to go again in a few days time yeah I really want to get a new lens guys I want to get a wide lens froster blog on. So when we’re postging you we obviously like more around that’s. Because you know how many travels so much I want you to the Arbor see me, and see then what we’re talking to you guys, and all the black backgrounds mm-hmm I think wouldn’t go for a week to get it well Mike’s gonna be spending free either lends it for this lenses will be.

So we didn’t have me taking off for three months together, and it feel good pretty you. So cute I can’t get over this. So seriously fun we just went out to get our second coffee from good old cold Express, and the lady of the checkout was like Norma’s own ship from this morning she’s like we’ve got a couple of a coffee addicts on our hands here and, I’m feel great that is true we come down it to renew the rent oh I think no trick it’s a nice beach, and we’re going to go for a little bit of a Sunday afternoon coastal walk well the main reason we’re doing this is. Because Steven wants to do something while he waits for his switch to her get battery I remember my speech what if he started to leave the house to be honest. Because yeah we have been homebound for six days. But yes time for a little postal ah thank you that hard funky thank you Hey everybody there’s now the next day we just popped into leaderboard. Because our kind of craving a pixel of coffee and.

Because we didn’t have much luck trying to find, I’ll lend yesterday. Because it is a bit more of a specific lens we’ve decided to come to Leederville camera house. Because they don’t have it no one’s going to have the lens they kind of like the biggest camera shop here in Perth. So yeah fingers crossed they have our wide-angle lens for us I just let the standard lens with my own can see way more around me oh yeah definitely imagine what we traveling anybody really come down to Kmart which we haven’t been through in a while came on I have some really cool stuff. But we’ve been feeling terrible about using plastic cups for our walk all the time. So thinkin, I’m getting a relief I said, I’m like the ultimate winter person right now he’s getting rubbed off forwards, I’m trying to get Jess to drive a bit more. Because he never tries, and I cancel on.

Because I like Jesse me Josh is like, I’m nervous. Because he never just got really hurt hi you need to drive Gary every year we have a little duck that finds a mate, and has these little babies, and then they hang out in our pool all I know or winter or summer cotton, and what some what season they come to. But it’s cool I was actually questioning when he was coming back to us I mean he thinks I got some food for him. But I got nothing I haven’t been to the gym for three whole months and, I’m attempting to go today and, I’m very nervous I’ve clear I here to support me I’ve like twenty days I think until we leave. So, I’m going to try, and go every single day for like an hour for 20 days straight, and hopefully I don’t learn they make some sort of difference I literally just smashed down some peeps, and I’ve relation talk to you that for justice out, and I didn’t know just as the chef, and I just cannot cook. Because she is cooked for me for. So long which I appreciate.

But when it comes to me sort of myself I I just can’t I absolutely fell when it comes in the kitchen but. So I just tell you guys to the heat of the moment at the moment. So like live I will share this post about 14 hours ago six point 1 million views which is absolutely absolutely insane. But I feel like there’s a lot of companies in the UK that are just waking up we could just right now, and I thought I’ve logged as. Because in the moment. So I can show you guys how what happens when something goes viral. Because I thought you guys would be super interested in that is that this morning I feel like everyone woke up probably saw the LAT viral post I thought that is insane I want to share that on my facebook pages as well which of course is really really good for us.

So we had someone from uni lad which is bigger than pretty sure their dealer, and led by I think the said I have something like 28 29 million Facebook Likes they contacted us 10 minutes after that someone from viral thread contacted us then 15 minutes after that, and then half an hour later I feel like everyone just woke up in London this media company that represents all these different blogs, and I won’t share who they represented yet. Because I don’t know if they’re going to share them on there. But they’re insane names. But yet this is crazy I, I’m I just can’t believe it this is just amazing and, I’ll share with you guys how it goes along the process. Because the odds might find it interesting , and the incentive.

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