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April 23rd :

Childrens’ Day – Festivities throughout the country. Children‚„s Ball in Ankara and Istanbul.

May 19th :

Youth Day – Artistic display and games by high -school and college students in Ankara Stadium.

May 26 – 27th :

Festival of Pergamum. Artistic festivities. Ancient and modern dances. Folklo- re. Theatrical representa-\ tions in the ancient amp-l hitheater of Pergamum.

This takes place every year I in Bergama, near Smyrna : For’ further infor-

1 mation please write to I Bergamayi’ Sevenler Cemi-I yeti’. ( Association of Friends of Pergamum) Bergama, rTurke.

gust 15 th :

The Feast of the Assumpti-I on of the Virgin Mary. A religious ceremony takes place every year on Sunday fol-lowing the Feast of Assumption in the ‚“House of Virgin Mary‚ at Panaya Ka-pu‚„u, Ephesus, near Izmir. The ‘‚Ë”‘shop of Izmir presides ceremony to

which participate thousands of pilgrims.

August 20th :

International Fair of Izmir. Outstanding commercial and touristic events of the Near East. The fair lasts till September 20th.

August 30th ;

Victory Day. Grand military parade in Ankara Hippodrome in the presence of the President of the Republic.

October 29th :

Anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Grand civilian and military parade in Ankara Hippodrome, in the presence of the Republic. Same ceremony in the presence of the Governor of Istanbul, in Taksim Square, Istanbul.

Historical Background

Children’s Day is at the same time National Sovereignty Day, the anniversary of the opening of the first Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which convened on April 23, 1919 in Ankara, during the War of Independance.

Youth Day is the anniversary of the arrival of Kemal Ataturk at Samsun, on May, 19,1919, the historic date which marks the beginning of the Revolution which led to the foundation of modem Turkey.

The International Pair nlft an important commercial and touristic event, which has been taking place regularly since 1930. It offers businessmen and tourists the opportunity to visit, during their stay in Izmir, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, with the tomb of Saint Joan the Evangelist and and house of the Virgin Mary on Mount Pion (BtilbUl Dag), visited every year by Catholic pilgrims, the magnificent ruins of Pergamum, with its Amphitheater and the famous Aesclapion, the city of Ionia; and other place of historical interest.

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