2018 we are in a town called a Trinity, and I just I said this is the I should have a bear with us when we’re pronouncing the French words. Because I know there’s a lot of you guys reading who do speak French, and are probably just cringing they were 15 minutes north of where we’re staying right now in that Martinique, and we are in a little petit city of the coast we just had our song we had our cafe that’s the place it’s delicious I haven’t had cool sound like this since Paris they’re a little French breakfast typically other pigeons here there’s pigeons in Martinique merciful we just got to the contest day four of the Martinique surf Pro I’ve been walking around talking to some of the surfers kind of getting a little feel well well well look who it is the Martinique, and goddess Jessica yeah they say though the day we’re leaving actually the surface supposed to pick up like right now it’s may be head-high. But the day we leave it’s supposed to be 15-foot we’re just hanging out now, and we’re going to actually take some photos right now right here back in the palm from we have our makeshift photo studio set up here on the beach of bass points with even the contest now, and we’re heading back over to the Caribbean side of the island for some lunch, and who knows exploring the island we are there. So we are way way up north now from the very northern part of the island getting into the rainforest this is the oldest plantation that is still on the island today, and even like all the quarters are still set up.


And even on the way here Andre was explaining to us just the history of Martinique the history here is so it’s so rich. But it’s very there’s some dark parts especially early when the island was first settlers came like you’re saying with the slaves, and the monument that we passed good currycomb like you know a cemetery explaining that many of them were dropped you know dropping themselves from the cliffs. Because they wanted to escape from you know the settlers instead of you know they prefer to you know kill themselves here yeah we didn’t know that we have time you can feel the energy when you drove by it yeah duffle it’s so intense like Andre was saying we’re taking a little tour of this plantation now, and they rescued a hummingbird a few days ago we’re just standing here, and there’s a little hummingbird by the flower getting a little rehab it was a little, and we saved it’s been more than one week to this now, and every night is bringing.

But we bring it back home would you ever think you’d be feeding a baby hummingbird no all right let’s keep going this is a petition sit on here you try it what’s your best habit ACL Cyril habitacion said on well here this is this will make a lot easier. So we’ve just sat down for lunch, and we ordered our drink building how do you say this one no sir plumped it I got the foam foot which is rum, and fruit juices, and Merrick got a two pong ball shoes to fajn shamash fifty pounds. So basically you mix the rum with the syrup, and then you have a little lime in there I think it’s a lemon Sigmund green lemon yeah always be bored okay oh no what you doing is No oh it’s so bad what should I uh the ratio oh that’s that’s an adventure in 5% for 75%. But the first thing that you have to do these people take it’s okay oh Jessica trying to get me your mug wonderful things you can just you can stop speaking to your us, and then you know the drink now that, I’m getting you drugs make it.

So strong stronger than others good is glass it’s really made to mix the tip away we keep talking too fast oh look at that already need to miss the shear of the rock all right. So that’s why not expand right. Because the rum is very strong also I forgot to mention Andre is one of the most famous men, and all Martinique right here this guy apparently these are rocks from the volcano that were launched into the jungle in 1902, and the volcano erupted just know the volcano is a good that’s at twenty miles away almost we are walking through the rain forest in the middle of Martinique. So beautiful I’ve never seen trees I survived I know yet I think it’s just the sheer size of everything growing here it’s really hard to tell the perspective through the camera. But to show you guys exactly how big this tree is we are gonna run over to that tree, and try to hug it no fear put your hand like this don’t let her go in your shirt. Because yes – nice cool tarantula on my hand walk to the rainforest a lot of first experience here in Martinique look at this tree branch it goes all the way down here we were just taking some photos this tree branch goes all the way to the Big Daddy tree 400 year old tree right there here, I’ll help you down on Shante Mademoiselle let’s go get the others I’ve never seen beauty like this no not, I’m like a like yes everybody looks at vines blush lipstick as they bring you into the forest they give you a tour, and then up here over here this part all of these ruins it’s not open yet difficult safety issue also shed these for my mom Fluffy’s this walkway it’s just like stops it’s tree stuff. So far in Martinique this has been the most historically rich place we’ve seen, and just it’s overwhelming with just I guess beauty the only way to put it it’s very interesting that coming to Martinique.

Because there is this huge level of slavery that have happened here, and you know in America it sort of kind of gets brushed over it’s taboo its taboo you don’t think about it you don’t talk about it. But here you know they culture they educate you on it, and there’s monuments, and dedication of remembrance, and it’s just it’s very very powerful, and even just the energy of going back from these memorials or the cemetery for the people the indigenous people I started crying when we drove by never mind just stopping, and really taking in the energy of the place it’s unbelievable we have to go back, and meet up with others we just had some lunch after I had my rum, and then we’re gonna head to the beach lunch, and Ramon the unknown plantation we just left the plantation, and we’re walking through the jungle. Because we heard the sound of waves crashing on rocks, and out of nowhere there’s a beautiful beach on I don’t know what she’s saying Jessica’s down there Jessica what is it okay well wave, I’ll be right back I just got done swimming, and I swam over there, and there’s an underwater well half underwater half above water cave, I’m gonna go grab the GoPro, and Jess, and I are going to swim over to that underwater cave what just happened Eric tried to put me at a can, and I got eaten by the rocks a huge wave came right as Jessica was taking a picture it kind of knocked her on the rocks pretty good it’s not too bad like, I’m only bleeding in a few places, and then I got stuck in between the two wrack your pin we’re right here this is the Swimming kind of Beach, and we were way over there in that cave bad idea it’s a great picture out of it though okay. So it’s worth it for the Instagram no deception of the biggest tide ships I’ve seen the whole time we’ve been here yeah all right let’s go back to the hotel clean up your battle scars we go back to the hotel we jump in the pool we hang out in the water no more caves, and rocks this has been the most fun I’ve had in my whole life as far as adventuring, and finding new things like on the way back to the road there’s an abandoned building where there was an old mill an old rub mill back to the car back to the hotel dinner, and sleep tomorrow is a new day Martinique tomorrow’s gonna be a very easy day we had we did a lot today. So until tomorrow smile more water less, and live your passion.

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