Well the tide is held down Hey guys look at that view, I’m excited to get out on the water not as excited there’s one isn’t breakfast what’s on the menu today let’s see what we can hold our carrot cake pancakes that sounds good guys I don’t know why.


But we are the first people of breakfast little private private breakfast we’re usually the last people to get down there’s always someone that’s gone for they know if there’s one on the honey goes to the hummingbird right there we’ve never seen one on that, and that second one back there Oh what they’re doing it’s like infusing oh this is like a different way you know coffee ah, and then it like pushes all the beans, and then you pull interesting we are packed, and ready to go up like the waterproof bags we can do this five days of kayaking are you ready. So this is a map of where we’re kind of going I think we are over here on quadrille Island, and we need to go across here I think this is where we’re going to end up at some points this is desolation sound. So that’s an idea for you guys this is place called whale town I think it’s an old whaling of waiting station it’s pretty much the end of the line guys blast it like a civilization you want to say until we head up we’re just about to jump on our canoes we just run our kayaks we just thought organize that let’s wrap it all this stuff into there I love how we’re the ones that your app see you guys in five days I just kind of put it there for the moment you’re meant to put it under sure if it falls in we’ll be fine hmm, and the maiden voyage begins are you doing back there yes enjoying the views Tom about the bird we saw how I saw like a ton of bald eagle yeah it’s sort of like I can see why they call a desolation sound. Because I assume desolation sale means no sir maybe that’s my guess is dead quiet all we can hear is the paddling of the canoes keep it down back there we haven’t really liked post for the past two hours. Because we were just learning the ropes, and we had to go across like a hole straight I think it’s a total of four kilometers that we’re doing today. So soon we’ve done two kilometers already we’ve done two feels like 10 that’s us at the back of the tribe. But just look at these views.

So you got like snow-capped mountains back there you’ve got all these in front of us oh yeah back there yeah. But anyway just as being paddling no. So I best get back to it. So we found our camp spot we’ve picked this island there’s a little small on here you’re gonna get any complaints cuz look at that view it’s such a clear day. But if you guys can see this he’s little, I’ll show you when we get on the island what do you think let’s do this okay guys. So we have unpacked the kayaks, and we’re on this island, and all this yeah this is the area this is what’s amazing you look say sunburns mm-hmm. So nice mm-hmm Caesar salad Hey we are comfy in our bed, and we are so full.

Because they cooked us such a good meal oh it’s like the best camping food ever it’s not even camping foods like gourmet meals mm-hmm, and like. Because we been living off like just nothing for the last month as you know we ended up kayaking 14 kilometers today yeah, and then I think tomorrow yeah we’re gonna kayak, and go find like a natural lake, and go swimming in a nut for Lake stuff I think we lost them. But, I’m sure we’ll wake up really early when the Sun comes up Hey mm-hmm oh yeah hope you guys enjoyed day one of kayaking around we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye guys.

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