Hey everyone morning we’re still here in Edinburgh we’re going down for breakfast oh it’s good we were at a hotel, and there’s breakfast included yeah, and then after breakfast we are going on a Highland tour, I’m just going to be leaving at aburrá going in like a in a car, and we’re gonna be heading out to see some castles, and some scenery should we recommend it yes definitely everyone that’s been to Scotland. So I can have to go to the Highland search pretty good day on all the pastries oh sorry it’s like the best croissant ever mm-hmm like an almond personal song. So we just stopped off at our first stop for the day we’re here in Doonan castle that I said right doing castle, and you guys might recognize this from two big kind of shows the first one is Game of Thrones. So this is this is Winterfell, and Game of Thrones in the first season, and also the castle from Monty Python yeah 1,400 1,400 is that right check out some highland cows in this.


So you look at this one right here Steve. So we’re just in a Talmud calendar and. So beautiful these little villages I see here the cows were the highlight of you yes hi Lena ours is very cute stop for a cheeky coffee here’s our first lock in Scotland lock Luba Nick thank you saying it wrong. So pretty you just come across our first volcano it’s called extinct volcano it’s called etive mòr I think we just need to change ourselves to just a movie location post. Because we seem to be going to all of them. But this one is if you’ve seen the last James Bond Skyfall there’s a scene we’ve got like a classic guys here with em, and he’s kind of looking up to a house, and he’s coming back home. So this is where they posted it, and to add to it as we were driving in we saw an Aston Martin driving here as well I think it’s just back there we’ll try post it again which is kind of cool.

Because that’s James Bond’s car, and they’re driving up here I mean I think really pretty location huh. So beautiful yeah if you’ve seen the movie you know it’s probably in the trailer as well. So you just search the Skyfall trailer with this classic silver car, and he’s there with em, and he’s looking out, and it’s it’s where he’s home is. Because the writer of James Bond Ian Fleming is from this area as well we’re going to go see his house soon. So I think that’s what the whole inspiration from the story was James Bond was coming home, and it’s kind of coming home to where the writer was from we just found out that the national animal in Scotland is a unicorn, and we just found – these ones are just a special type, and they um they’ve both lost their horn. But uh here, I’ll show you them they’re your first unicorn a Scottish unicorn what’s with all the Scottish um animals having better hair than us, I’ll come back even though jess is making a joke with these horses we’re not joking about the national animal being a you know it is a unicorn unicorn no joke oh you scared him off what a beautiful backdrop these two unicorns have it is honestly. So beautiful out here think we need to just appreciate this.

Because I have a feeling when we move around you’re not going to be as quiet, and not as scenic. So Scotland you are beautiful never expected it’ll look like this if you guys don’t have Scotland on your bucket list you need to put it on your bucket list ASA this is Ian Fleming’s childhood house, and Ian Fleming is the rider of James Bond. So now we’ve made it into Glencoe this is the area all recommended us to come, and I can see why it is incredible got a bit of soup got another bit of soup got a cheeky roll when we’re having some lunch yeah just up top a pub in the middle of nowhere you know it’s not it’s literally a pub in the middle of nowhere this is JK Rowling’s house wow it’s huge she’s a big head round bit how good is that. So good that’s he it was so nice I was so amazing oh that’s so pretty I didn’t expect it to look like that good like that was some of the best things I’ve ever seen, and had such variety we’ve ever seen so much and. So many movie locations which or is this good did you enjoy it yes did you enjoy it we’ve just come back to the room, and whatever house Portus is artists if you would like to see the Sun let’s go see the sunrise the sunset on top of the Balmoral which we Austin it’s like where I think we’re on the sixth floor yeah right, and he’s gonna take us to the seventh, and we’re gonna swatch go watch a sunrise hopefully we can see good a good sunrise.

Because it is a little bit cloudy. But we’ll see then he’s here now. So let’s go this is so good that’s it we’re gonna go see the sunset pretty much we have the best with central this should be the best view of my heart sorry Herbie. So get some really nice views over the top of the whole city that re awesome oh oh I didn’t even respond it happy for something ah okay maybe I did record it there was such a beautiful, and such a good day yes there’s such good news alright alright guys good night um hi lines were awesome we should definitely go, and check it out again from yeah definitely and, I’m tomorrow we’re off to London a lot of you guys have told us to go to London sorry no it was we knew we had to go to London already of course it was on the list it this is strange you’re ending the post tonight doesn’t always sleep like by the time we end it. But uh good night guys, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye get it yeah.

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