The Santorini Wedding

They are literally gonna think we’re crazy no we’re not getting married again guys we are going to be crazy and. So is our postgrapher, and photographer. Because we found out that while we were in Santorini they were also in Santorini, and we both had the idea pretty much at the same time we were like do an event from the photo shoot while we’re in Santorini. Because Santorini is so beautiful, and I guess that is live on a smart car yesterday. Because we’re getting dressed up one more time to get a couple more shots things around the island Mabel Mabel Mabel try, and get as much wear out of this dress, and suit as possible let’s go jump on some ATVs heading to ear come to rehearsals Katya yeah, and get a couple of extra wedding photos you definitely wouldn’t have been standing there eating granola on your wedding day today TV helmet me a photographer’s here. So ready yeah my hair go easily go let’s do this even in her wedding dress coffee coffee stop there how many being mother you know I didn’t think it’s 5:00 in the morning there’d be.

The Santorini Wedding Photo Gallery

So many people of honey yeah my crap myself yeah, I’m gonna do that of course the bridesmaid had to come Claire is not a morning person I said when it’s we’re not going crash everything this is like you guys remember Chris of crazy photographer we’ve now just like let’s go to a photo shoot in his hometown Santorini right gotta watch castle that’s the trick go look after the dress are you back yeah one more guys the Sun is just rising right now the colors are so beautiful the motorcycle pings just got her new flower crown on. So beautiful just Park here for a bit of an ATV photoshoot just that’s not your wedding to go off the breath what then make sure you get up at 4:30 reading thanks approach how do we found a beautiful blue Santorini church, and we are getting wedding photos right here you look like a magical goddess right now – it was amazing with that view we’re just doing a photo shoot here, and this amazing guy had his Mavic out go check them out maverick in the skies, and we’ll cut you some epic drone footage that he got of us thank you so much very holiday guys thank you climbing on the roof, and then little loud got a bit of a crowd. But clear photoshoot is here this is great this guy won’t reverse backward is more of a few just are jumping out of his car up I need a drive I love when they yell at each other in brief there’s always you get a possum is he gonna do it well step number oh my gosh seriously our photographers are in this half wedding photos are officially done we have to introduce you to judges here who decided along from studio photos are these guys have been amazing you guys don’t have to do ministry there’s additional one I think we’re going to love the photos yeah. So far wait to see those yeah thank you so much guys really appreciate it you I thought I’ve got to do this well the answers right over there, and every time he comes until the plane lands does actually got your fun morning I can’t believe think is that they literally didn’t need to do that we paid them to photograph us in mcnaught three days ago, and increase the postgraphers lives here in Santorini any heard will coming here is like let’s just go to a photo shoot that’s like getting paid to go to work on Monday, and then coming in on Wednesday, and not you know just coming into work for free which was sorry nicer than honest, and editors wedding anyway on, and fighting for us aha I cannot recommend them enough if you guys have come to Greece if you are inspired to get married in Greece literally check them out it’s so nice. But I am hungry you’re doing your wife duties there I see making you unclear a thank you that looks good I like your spatula yeah. Because there’s not one here okay guys let’s go do some exploring we’re staying here in Masseria, and I think we want to go to Emporia which is the old town. So that’s going to be a bit of a different view think that’s it there.

But yes let’s go see more Santorini Coffee time our justice has been good coming to a bakery or it’s all one, and we’re all we could have had a pirate cake, and what else have you got our yummy we’re just going for a bit of an exploring we found this old traditional village this is there’s no hotels here about 3,000 locals like local Greek people live here we’re going to go for a walk around I think it’s quite rundown this time. Because of course no tourists come here there’s going to be different to your perfect white walls blue doors, and all that stuff that you see an EO that you see an ear there will be something different to see in Santorini I think a lot of people don’t usually show this what do I call it you name it Aden omen there in Emporia revel it’s Sunday. So the street should like quiet they dead. Because a lot of people here, and greet the course of Greek Orthodox. So we’re just next to a church I think they are having a server hi 13 maybe. So evening service the nicest walk around look there’s just there’s no one here this place is so cute really set like an action sequence with all life running this is like really cool dramatic like Old Town Mykonos if no tourists came, and they didn’t look after it oh wow okay we need your photo shoot I see him down there you gotta find a good spot evil people like the cute that’s why he put you off that’s actually what’s up like a drink this is not what you think of the center in here yeah it’s way worse to explore the whole island guys literally all our mouths just dropped we found the Mamma Mia door how perfect is this this is local to Greece by the way these pink flowers, and how nice does the spot look if you have tutors this cafe here feel like I’ve Cafe regret before we should have waited, and had a coffee here I didn’t realize they had.

But now you guys know come, and have a coffee here it is so no clue where this is for come find it your body oven , and mietek yes yes dub 133 double guys we’ve just come to the drive-in cinema the natural kind, and as you can see to get point 1 3 I should say down. So we got ear which is over there oh yeah no that’s um that’s part zero pretty understanding just there, and we’re just going to chill yeah.

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