This is las that you never up Edelbrock we’re pretty much leaving Edinburgh pretty much leaving around noon, and yeah we’re just going down for breakfast, I’m so excited. So yes the best breakfast in uh-huh, and I kind of didn’t have much to eat for dinner last night. So I am so hungry. So yeah I think these are the traits when you leave I see we went for the reasonable optional guys if you like to tell you. But at 1 a.m. last night Stephen, and I were googling about the hotel to try, and double check that it was built in 1901 which it was I just wanna double check that always get it to you guys made for making wrong. But we found out that this is the hotel that JK Rowling finished the last ever Harry Potter book in, and we found out that her room is right near ours, and we’re going to ask reception if we’re allowed to go look at the room we found out on the door we went down to double check, and on the door it says JK Rowling suite, and we got a little bit excited. Because we loved Harry Potter, and we were like we have to go, and see if we can go look in this week.


So fingers crossed no one’s booked in there like it’s empty at the moment. So we can go have a look we found out as well that when she finished your book she carved like an ornament or something like this is where the last Harry Potter book was written something like that. So we’re gonna go check it out. But I think that is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard like I feel like it’s been such a Harry Potter post last two days we wouldn’t saw the elephant cafe where she wrote the first few books we saw her house, and now we might be seeing the place where she wrote the last book which would be amazing goodbye amazing view gonna miss it. So beautiful we’ll have to come back to have to come back to Edinburgh mother psycho mainly you have sculpture in the corner always this the sculpture you also have well it’s so cool cease it finished right up very poor on the Tesla colors in this room this is probably where she finished. So cool properly we didn’t realize to life last night, and then see she signed like a statue as as soon as she finished the book she like jumped up to sign the statue, and that was the end of Harry Potter it was right here that was kind of cool. But yeah we’re just going downstairs we’re just gonna go check out that just added to our stage so much that just was the icing on top.

So incredible weather we’ve got to see the room, and the statue, and like the desk, and everything, I’m just gonna have the biggest smile on my face now for the rest of the day. But now we’re heading to the train station I wish we had train station waiting rooms like this back home alright guys we just jumped on our train here too we’re actually not going to London, and we’ll tell you guys about that a bit later we’re just heading to a place called Dudley port which is near Birmingham pretty much gonna be traveling all of Europe on trains which you know we’re excited. Because it’s so much easier than planes we first caught our we caught our first train in Vancouver, and were like we need to do this. Because you just literally jump on the train it goes, and you’re in the center of the city no airports no waiting so much easier you don’t have to like wait for ages in an airport, and then try, and get a transportation from an airport to where you’re staying that’s why I love it like how when even when we got here in Edinburgh how the hotel was like right next to train stations so much easier, and I think we just left her your lunch is here yeah got some fruit, and some yogurt looks. So good trying to be a bit healthier yeah they’re like once we like get to Europe huh Guinea no magic we like go to Italy or something all the pasta all the pasta, and oh the views outside is so pretty we keep passing them no no no this is all the trees. But we keep like Posse sheep on there you go look how beautiful that is incredible.

So last night we told you guys we were going to London. But instead we’re having to go a place for Dudley in England, and that’s where Stevens arty stays. Because she has been a lifesaver, and after only about 10 she’s letting us stay there for four nights. Because something fell through with our London accommodation we keep having such bad luck with accomodation lately you guys saw what happened in Toronto where we stayed at the place it was really horrible, and then they like screwed us we had to leave, and there was rats, and it. So kind of scared us, and how we keep trying to like double check our accommodation what happened was we are currently trying to book as much of our Europe trip with the travel car that’s even one way back you guys might have seen, I’m up in the description below all puts the post West even won this competition. But yeah we’re using this snuggle card, and it’s connected to flight centre. So we have to work through them, and we told them all coming to London, and if we could have four nights accommodation, and they were like we have this full star accommodation called Ascot Hyde Park hotel, and it sounded nice 4:30 they said it was four stars and.

Because we travel with such like expensive equipment we were like yeah let’s do that we don’t want anything that bad. Because what happened – perfect – book – then last night we decided to look up the address no we hadn’t looked at any reviews on the hotel will doubly address, and the first thing we see when we’re looking for the address are these type of reviews just on Google here we typed Hyde Park, and we saw things like this just randomly on the first page of Google the staff was rude the rooms small, and dirty the beds were full of bugs the only good thing was the location also god no those reviews don’t look the best I was like let’s go into TripAdvisor, and have a look at the reviews six excellent reviews which I’ve read, and they sound like they’ve been written by the hotel, and a hundred, and eighty-three terrible reviews. So for the next hour I spent scrolling, and reading all these reviews, and people have had things stolen from their room they’ve had like really dirty sheets bedbugs, and they found mice in the hotel, and I was like I do not want to have this experience again like we had with Toronto I thought this was meant to be a four-star hotel. So we try to get it all organized it’s still not organized we still can’t find a new place to stay no, I’m not risking it, I’m not staying there after reading like over a hundred of you saying how terrible it is so we contacted Stevens auntie, and she said was fine for us to stay with her which is so nice don’t leave about a two-hour train ride out of London. So I think they’re going to hang out with his auntie, and also take some D train troops into London.

So we can still check out London I don’t even know if they’re going to give us our money back for this hotel. But we’ll see what I have a weekly diamond Lucifer had bad things happening with them hotels I guess we need to always check the reviews even it doesn’t matter if they say they’re four stars I always got to check the reviews now. Because sometimes it’s just not worth it just really keep sharing with you guys everything we do, and this is travel, and this is what happens, and I want to share with you guys guys looks like we just got to England yay just been reading all your suggestions, and planning some more of Europe, and this is what I should like this is what I like to see when I look at a hotel review are you ready excellent 1174 terrible one much better we’re at Lancaster guys, I’m so full from breakfast. But I couldn’t play No they’re giving us like a launch oh my goodness that was such a good train ride that’s the way to travel I said it in Canada and, I’m saying it again. So smooth, and they just fed us two-wheel fat. But now when you go see my auntie, and uncle, and cousin who I haven’t seen in like over 15 years. So, I’m really excited been waiting for this moment for a while it’s kind of cool catching up with family again cuz we were all from South Africa, and then we went to Australia they went to England, and it’s it’s just been too hard to catch up.

So, I’m super excited are you excited yeah sorry for like checking in. So late we all just caught up in solid chatting. But we are here with my family now. So we’ve got auntie died, and this is my mom sister we’ve got a husband uncle role, and then we’ve got my cousin Lee yeah yeah. So it’s just exciting to have to know what that wrong. Because it’s been at least 15 years since we thought oh yeah definitely yeah actually to everyone, and then all the family that are reading you can see us all together we’ve got like some mixed veggies which is good. So we’re healthy again, and then God isn’t like a veggie smush thing it’s currently ten o’clock at night, and we’ve just been spending the night catching up with Stevens family, and all that jazz um yeah we were planning to go to London tomorrow.

But I think I’ve broken my turn, and it’s really hard to walk on it at the moment, I’ll show you my turn see if it comes up on the camera I don’t have the best looking of toes. But I think you can tell which one might be broken it is sooo saw, and a nice big bruise is coming up right there yes it really hurts to walk on it. So maybe we’ll leave London for the day after we’re thinking tomorrow we’re gonna hang around like the area, and test out this drawing. Because we’ve never tested out the join yet right, I’m excited. Because we’ve been in such big cities and, I’m not doing my first drawing next to my historical buildings did you just hate the look of feet this little too much fun market not a bad jury no more bad luck see what’s from now oh I know, and it won’t charge no. But we can share a phone you can share my iPhone for sure um, I’m actually really glad that we’ve come to stay with standards family they are so nice is it nice to see them again are so long to be like. So long it’s a nice penny time family awesome.

Because like when we moved to Australia bit of personal history for you we were in, and Perth the most isolated city in the world, and when we see family I think the last time I saw family was just years ago. So we don’t see family, and coming from South Africa it’s a very big stuck in culture to like live around your family, and just have meals together every Sunday we have. So this nice to have a little bit to lose all that, and go to Australia yeah, and then come back, and it’s good yeah especially cuz I think some of these families feel like South Africa some of you’re in England on summer in Australia I know a bit of change of plans. But we will be heading into London just gonna let my toe rest for a day maybe maybe a day or two maybe, I’ll go to London on the, I’m gonna say we’ll see I feel like you know I feel like um yes I think we’ll end it here yeah sorry guys about to leap change oh okay we have no plans tomorrow means we can sleep in we’re actually fully enough we’re in a weird jet like ah it’s like five hours. So we go to bed at midnight we can’t sleep no we can’t sleep we’ve been going to stick around to it two to three, and every night. Because of our jet lag. So we’ve got a little tentative jet lag hopefully it goes away to not hopefully we get to sleep I really want to sleep in to know your likes it a lot more my fun, I’m so excited to try the journey you gonna let me have a go me trouble alright come on guys, and each borough.

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