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Just kidding it’s a beautiful day here in Perth and, I’m getting ready to head up north on a road trip through Western Australia I got my rental car I got a lot of snacks I got a full tank of gas, and that’s really all I know at this point I know, I’m heading north. But I don’t have anything planned. So let’s see what we can get into this is roadtrip Western Australia let’s go all of its side of Australia where the sky is a very glutton they’ll extend the hand of friendship to the traveler coming through on the open, and roll listening to Aussie legend Slim Dusty I make it up to my first stop of the trip the sand dunes of lancelin beautiful is this doing behind me the ocean in front of me got people around here on four-wheelers, and off-road vehicles from the giant white sand playground I continued through the ever-changing landscapes to the pinnacle desert, and it’s wild, and mysterious limestone rock formations as you leave the rolling wheat lands, and retain as the Sun begins to set it’s one final push up to the city of Geraldton where I make a last-minute booking at a bed-and-breakfast for the night welcome to Geraldton okay think I um think I made it to tonight’s accommodation it’s a little creepy the next morning the place didn’t seem. So creepy as I met the owner of the B&B, and her mother, and we spend the better part of an hour sharing stories about the region, and even helping me make a plan for the rest of my trip, and that’s the pink like welcome to day two of our roadtrip let me just tell you I the best morning this is why I traveled for it I spent the better part of the morning when I could be driving or going to see something else. But I sat around, and I listened to these stories, and she told me people oh I should talk to along the way, and it’s just I love it it’s what I do it for is these moments, and it’s just super special, and yeah right not a high.

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But that’s it the highway we’re gonna go up north a little bit further kind of a lot of interesting things to see today. So let’s go day two of the road trip w a feeling good back on the road I passed by an incredible pink lake, and a very important Australian historical site. So one of the big aspects of Australian history is the convicts that were sent here from other countries it basically brought up the population of Australia besides the Aborigines, and they were sent to places like this hiring depots which are basically farms where a bunch of convicts would stay. Because they weren’t worried about them getting out. Because there’s really nowhere else to go. So they would set them up here, and they’d either work here at the farm or they would get sold off to other farmers or other people to be used that’s a little part of Australian history you don’t often hear about then it was a quick 45-minute drive to the town of Cole Bari to refuel, and buy my way into call bari National Park well thanks welcome let’s go check it out this trail paved, and everything not too bad let’s go see what we can find it was beautiful Canyon below that is crazy rock formations here yeah oh I scared off the Kangaroos the whole place to myself after a great hike I turn around, and head back down south a bit to seek out one of the most unique, and interesting stories in all of Australia very excited right now I am on my way to a new country, I’m still here in Australia on the west coast and, I’m driving into the Principality of hot river. So basically in the 1970s the Australian government put a quota on wheat production, and this one Australian farmer says no no, I’m not going to do that.

So, I’m gonna go start my own country the guy finds a loophole in the legislature of the government, and is able to break off, and start his own country. So this is Hutt River the Principality of Hutt River, and they the princes name is Prince Leonard. So, I’m pretty excited to get there, I’m only about 15 minutes away I have no idea what to expect. But it should be good made it here we are ha forever Principality on a small farm in the middle of nowhere I pull up to the government building of the Principality of Hawk River, and inside, I’m amazed at what I find I made it to real place, I’m standing the post office slash government building that stamps money the pictures of the Prince the Royal Mint of hot Principality of hud – the princess illegally in the country leaving tonight leaving today official, and after speaking with Prince Graeme a member of the royal family, and getting my passport stamped to make it official it’s time to meet the man himself Prince Leonard the founder of hot river how are you he wastes no time in sharing with me all of his accomplishments keepsakes which, and treasures from an incredibly intriguing life it’s so much so much history so much okay no matter what the official regulations are or how eccentric you think the man may be you can’t deny how clever he is, and even at the age of 91 his mind is still going strong as he told me about how he’s developing an equation to value the energy force, and every creature, and object it’s literally unbelievable, and after some truly fascinating quality time with Prince Leonard I said my goodbyes, and made the long drive back to Geraldton where I found a random farm stay for the night, and it was here that I decide to skip the other beautiful landmarks as you go north in Western Australia, and head straight for the Aboriginal community by Awadh Rhee to seek out more of these authentic travel moments welcome to local talent, I’m the segment where Western tourists radio showcases the talent of EE way, and the southwest.

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