The Philippines is on FIRE

Hi guys Hey poppy, and I are in beautiful Philippines right now I cannot wait to show you guys the slaves poppy, and I have just finished up a pretty long trip over all from Shenzhen to Hong Kong to Manila to Cebu City taken a bus from Cebu City down here to Melville we decided to not really post in Cebu City I didn’t make a post of it even though it was my first destination in the Philippines I don’t know I don’t think we really were staying in the right area, I’m not really sure what happened there. But it is a lot better now that we have gotten to mouthal it’s kind of this little beachy town it’s already beautiful, and I am here with we as we are walking the water is getting bluer, and bluer I didn’t know what the waterfall is gonna be. Because if it’s gonna be more beautiful than this I don’t know I guess, I’m picturing this gorgeous water with a waterfall. But this is just amazing I almost want to stop, and swim here.

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I have to tell myself not to. Because we are on our way to the waterfall early in the morning before all of the other people get there this is supposed to be one of the most touristy things to do in the Philippines we got here early in the morning early gorgeous waterfalls for ourselves. So I think that we better quit before people get here. Because there’s gonna be a lot of it’s really hard to leave this place with everything looking like this as you’re hiking back look at this gorgeous beach where I am right now these waters are so crystal clear light light blue that kind of fades into this darker blue, and the beaches whites, and it is just beautiful it’s hot back to the beach which translates to literally white sand beach, and you can really see why cuz some other palm trees waiting for the summer ha it is so hot here time to go back out in the Sun some more though. Because papi, and I are going to be swimming with the sardines now, I’m so excited it’s supposed to be just thousands, and thousands of fish swimming all around you, and let’s go cooling higher. But we do. So if you want something to hold on. So now define it first. But here I am Kisame lay another palm trees waiting for the summer no there’s nowhere to take I know before I end the post I just wanted to tell you about a really exciting trip that we have coming up popli actually invited me on a 10-day adventure trip to Guatemala the really exciting part is that we get to bring 20 of you guys along with us. So we’re gonna be doing.

So many adventures going in the jungle snorkeling kayaking going in thermal hot waterfalls basically like a hot springs in the form of a waterfall on top of all this we’re also going to be volunteering which is the main part of this trip is to be improving deep water in Guatemala. So we’ll be working beside the locals, and actually making a difference, and that’s where the trip is more than just an adventure that’s why we’re really excited about it, and more excited for you guys with us. So hope that you guys are ready for some traveling, and exploring, and adventuring with papi, and I. Because that’s what’s going to be happening it is only open to 20 people, and the application process is only open for 3 weeks. So be sure to fill out the application there’s a link in the description, and hopefully we’re gonna see you guys soon in Guatemala. So if you want something to hold on. So now define it first.

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