The Perfect Winters Day Colorado USA

Thank you guys we’ve finally testing out the hot tongue, and I made serum pancakes not in bed not in bed.

But in a hot dog I think this breakfast in bed, and then the view is just. So incredible I love this place so much alrighty guys it is time for our annual gingerbread house making which this is your one we’ve actually never done this before we’ve decided is not a tradition we’ve worked out how to put the fireplace on by the way. Because it is gas. So we didn’t need to put any logs in there anything which is very handy. But ready always wanted to do this. So yeah there’s a remote to the fireplace we’ve always wanted to do this. So year one of hopefully many years of building gingerbread houses by the way where did we get this from get this from Walmart like for B it says he for the time savers bring it out everyone’s probably like what are you doing this is what I saw for us we’re just decorating it next you know this is a good first year right this is a good first year I remember there was like a cheap one an expensive one should have got the expensive one thanks Walmart these are so cute Steve look these they’re like little little leaves like a looks like mistletoe oh okay that’s good hi guys this is a gingerbread house we’ve had oh yeah what do you guys think he’s our first ever gingerbread house, and your first one it was way harder than we thought it was gonna be by the way I think it turned out pretty good I think the fireplace is gonna melt it’s slippery.

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Because I car tires keep getting stuck why does the goal of mine this is where the damage keeps happening I see snow see hey can I got a bit of a sorry stuff going on to be here even look how like it’s different type of snow it’s really icy, and soft it’s not like you can’t go into a ball we can actually see where our car I keep getting stuck um getting rid of stuff you guys we finally come into the old cute little town of Crested Butte have a little explore. So actually this special extra post which will be coming out maybe this weekend or next weekend. So we did try this coffee weed Google what the next best coffee in Crested Butte is it’s only a few. So we’re just gonna go walk through this today we can try each one, and at the end we can give it a rating we can actually give up honest review. Because it’s such a small town we can check out every single coffee shop guys every single day we’ve been praying for snow, and ask weird this is the only trip where I get disappointed when I see blue skies gessie clouds, and rain means snow that’s like just the airplanes making some clouds how cool is this town by the way we’re just. So cute there’s no one here. But you living like out here I see everyone’s got like big piles of wood ready for the winter, and the big old pickup truck we just made it to the town oh well we’re in the town.

But it’s the Main Street which is very small, and they have an old fur trading post it kind of looks like I don’t think it is now it looks like it’s an art gallery. But wow that’s kind of cool the street benches are made of old skis I can’t get over this town. So cute. So look at the old community board what is happening here they turn the old city hall into an art gallery 1883 says the city hall I think the nice thing about this town is it doesn’t feel like we’re walking through a tourist town like Whistler for example it just feels like we’re walking through a town like I didn’t see any other tourists around here besides us this is people just walking to the groceries just about every person that bumps into each others like knows each other no yep true we might be really tourists. So who came down for the snowboard book to advance when Easter meets Christmas that Santa is huge on the way to Crested Butte number two cafe where she came across one which I looks cool I don’t know the rating of this one as locally owned it’s yeah the wall is a license plate, and they’re open hope. So like look at this all the number plates are like rusted it’s so cool alright let’s go test out the coffee good yeah hey guys I went for a maca, and I’ve never seen anyone do this before she put the chocolate in the milk, and then frost it it looks amazing. So one thing we’ve noticed in America.

So you guys don’t seem to have kettles like how do you make tea, and coffee I know you have your like fancy percolated machines. But what if you just wanted like we just have this to keep it nice, and cheap, and easy. So we have to like boil it like what campaign, and then we pour it in what why look without them found a little excited bobbing loving having a kitchen it’s been ages. So, I’m making our favorite meal pumpkin soup it’s like Oh save me both of us don’t you reckon I fav meal to like make yeah oh that’s all set though at 4:00 thanks for making that you’re amazing should we show them the two things you try to make them in the past. So I have pictures from when I was really sick and. So first thing you try to make me is Nutella toast, and the second thing he tried to make me was cheese on crackers some of the most basic things ever, and I literally was like the thought that counts right I do write myself is probably the number one pumpkin that soup maker in the world. So I thought, I’ll show you how I do it.

Because it is actually amazing, and a lot of people told me it is good just hashtag brag for a sec. But what you do is you need to get veggie stock, and a lot of pumpkin you pop that all in to boil, and then, I’m actually gonna cook off some onions, and garlic, and then pop it in, and then once it’s all boiling you put nutmeg cinnamon, and some coconut milk, and then you blend it all up, and it is the best it is the best it is funky beat all righty guys, and this is the finishing product even’s the taste tester – good to meet laughs it’s the best Claire’s gonna be dying right now reading this mmm nothing mister so much oh. So good oh. So nice, and toasty. But guys this is how we’ve been ending our days look at that sunset in the hot tub this is very nice, I’m gonna come choppin how much is this like paradise Bob’s so nice look at that you oh my goodness it’s like. So cold when you’re outside. So you just like what Hey everybody welcome back to Crestview we’ve broken up nice, and early to go on a bit of a bit of a walk around we found a little nice forest well lack thereof a forest for the kind of like school versus winter we’re gonna go do some photos there’s no animal footprints we saw a little fluff fox run across the road before you can see some wildlife hopefully no bears fox will be cute though you.

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