Hi this is Aguila and travel crew shoes were. I take you on a journey around the world with me but all to show you how and why you can do it too today. I will continue the saw. I started last week about Tony Robbins and the resource of the time and excuses for telling ourselves. I would say and this will be the most unfair generalization but unleash the power within therefore day Tony Robbins event that. I attended recently it’s about the story we tell ourselves of why we don’t get what we get, I’m actually going to call this the only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you created in your brain of why you haven’t achieved idiot what does it mean we create excuses in our head based on tap of the past it’s actually what another book that, I’m reading the talent code talks about a lot as well we based our expectations and our judgments on the past And So we create an excuse in our heads of why we’re not getting what we want. So imagine there is something that you really want or you feel like you know might not want it but deep down in a hard you say you want it. So I say for me that dream and, I’m sure it is for you and certainly some of you is to travel the world as much as possible to connect with people with different cultures good local tribes going to place for no one’s ever been before well Aloha and then. I can say or you can say because it’s like the number one excuse. I hear all the time is like well. I don’t have the money and other people can do it.


But I don’t have the money. So you created a story of why you don’t have what you have blaming it on one of the resources but it’s never the resources is that we saw resourcefulness of you as a person is what keeps you from getting what you want. So you know. I can give you a million examples of all the people that heads your money and the reason why they started traveling or they travelled the world regardless of the amount of money they have both asked me ie what kind of job do you do to travel the world. I want to do your job – like well no because like that’s not what you like it doesn’t mean that just. Because I do it that would make you happy you know like. So you have to figure out a way of turning the reason why you don’t do things into reasons why you feel to stop creating the excuses and it’s like oh. I don’t tell. Because I don’t have money or. I don’t have the. I live in a foreign country or like. I have my family that’s an excuse you created in your head. So as long as you have a family you will never travel because that’s what he believed in it would be smart for you to let go like oh, I’m too young to be running my own company or. I am NOT going to be a good mother because my parents were really not great parents or. I didn’t have a mother. So I would never know what it’s like to be a good mother. So you created the story and you’ve keeping yourself away from your happiness because you kind of believe what you think you believe in the story. So you can say you know what despite the fact. I didn’t have a great childhood. I can be a great mother because they know what to avoid and if you really believe that and if that’s the story you’re telling yourself you’re actually going to achieve what you want yeah. I really like that idea and, I can definitely relate to a lot of services been telling myself obey to young. I don’t know not blonde enough whatever in apps that there is that it’s all in your head because you can find examples of both. I’ll leave you with it for today for this beautiful meandering make sure you subscribe to my blog and follow me on my other social medias at travel underscore in her shoes thank you. So much for reading lots of good energy to you and have a lovely lovely week bye.

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