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On a very first trip to Dandeli in December 2018 Hammond, and I decided to stay at the old magazine house which is a part of jungle artists, and resorts property the resort is very popular among bird watchers since one can spot over 200 species of birds within the resort during winters this post aims to give you an overview of the property, and our experience keep reading we chose to drive our own car, and left pretty early at 2:00 a.m. and took the nh4 route in jail after covering a distance of nearly 475 kilometers we reach the property at 8:30 a.m. the moment we call down from the car the only sound we could hear was melodious chirping of birds, and we could see birds fluttering their wings.

The Old Magazine House – Dandeli – Jungle Lodges, and Resorts REVIEW India Travel Photo Gallery

And flitting from one branch to another the old magazine houses surrounded by thick forest, and is located in an area which is not open to the general public, and the property grounds allow the visitors to enjoy the charms of untouched surroundings we quickly checked in to our cottage which was simple, and rustic with a spacious balcony overlooking the thick forest they offer two types of accommodation cottages, and dormitory currently since the cottages are under renovation the property has only dormitory with 20 beds available for booking after having unpacked, and freshened we headed towards the dining area.

Colker for breakfast the dining space was huge offering a 360-degree view of the surroundings, and we could spot birds right from there food served was a buffet spread with a variety of dishes to choose from, and everything we had was tasty after breakfast we decided to walk around the property, and spend some time reading Birds clicking pictures, and making post footages there was nothing much to do in the afternoon. So we went to see the supadamn that is very close to the property, and simply walked around the bridge offered a lovely view of hornbills flying around from one tree to another, and resting over the branches at evening after having a cup of warm tea the management arranged a 30-minute strike inside the property to the sunset viewpoint Oh reading the Sun setting down slowly behind the hills is truly amazing, and should not be missed one can enjoy the panoramic view of the serene backwaters of the super resume oil, and the lush wildlife greenery spread for miles at a stretch after spending around 30 minutes at the hilltop we made our way back towards the lodge on reaching we were served delicious snack, and tea followed by dinner at 8:30 p.m. the old magazine houses untucked Lia birdwatchers paradise they can be spotted all around the property we spotted Paradise flycatcher black trongo white drum Shama emerald green tub.

And many bird species Oh Oh after enjoying a bird-reading session early the next morning the management arranged a short coracle boat ride activity for us the slow coracle boat ride was relaxing, and thrilling at the same time we spotted quite a variety of birds on the trees, and on the little bushes that surrounded the water, and watched crocodiles basking in the Sun after 30 minutes coracle Boatwright session we returned back to the lodge had breakfast, and made our way back to Bangalore this jungle lodges property is unique in its own, and is best suited for nature lovers, and avid birders be humble, and courteous staff ensures your trip is a delightfully memorable one the Pleasant early morning chill repressions the mind, and soul, and the melodious chirping, and whistles of birds which starts even before the sunrise fills your heart with peace, and happiness that’s all for this travel review hope you enjoyed reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up, and comment India gumo for more travel posts thanks for reading you.

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